July 1930 Heatwave In Laurel Maryland

From July 19 to July 29, 1930, Laurel Maryland had eight days over 100 degrees, including 106 degrees on July 21.

Yesterday’s maximum temperature in Laurel was 69 degrees, the coldest July 21 on record (by six degrees) – and 37 degrees cooler than 1930.

Experts told us a few days ago that the weather in Maryland can only be explained by man-made global warming.

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4 Responses to July 1930 Heatwave In Laurel Maryland

  1. Andy DC says:

    You have to adjust the 1930 temperatures down because in 1930, Laurel was a tiny country town and now it is a densely developed suburban sprawl with huge amounts of asphalt and concrete.
    Whoops! I think I have it backwards. Why doens’t Hansen know that he has it backwards?

    • The asphalt is sucking the heat of the atmosphere, making temperatures cooler. That is why the UHI correction needs to adjust recent temperatures upwards.

      • chris y says:

        Finally (insert AlGore condescending sigh here) you are starting to make sense.

        Its the same ‘physics’ as the hidden heat in the oceans. It also explains why AlGore thinks the Earth is millions of degrees just a few miles down. All that AGW heat is being stockpiled as we type.

  2. scizzorbill says:

    The ‘experts’ will promote the AGW scam as long as they are paid to do it. The agenda will continue regardless of the science.

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