We Can Learn From Australia’s Mistakes

Julia was able to lie her way into office because of a drought. Top government experts declared the drought to be permanent, and told the public that only monetary sacrifice could make the drought go away.

The same group of scumbags are trying to pull the same trick in the US. As Franklin Roosevelt didn’t say “We have nothing to fear but our own government.

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5 Responses to We Can Learn From Australia’s Mistakes

  1. Eric Simpson says:

    Good point Steven that I never thought of on what FDR didn’t say.
    FDR did say that we only have fear to fear. One could think that he meant that we shouldn’t fear continued economic depression, but if you look at the context of the time, a lot of people were very upset about the things FDR was doing, and FDR probably meant that we should not fear his efforts to create a big govt nanny / welfare state. So FDR was wrong. We had more to fear than fear itself — we had big govt itself to fear.
    Now, the warmists, in cahoots with the effete big govt leftist elites, say that the only thing we have to fear is — absolute catastrophe itself! But really what we have to fear is what Obama and his cronies want to do — cut CO2 emissions upwards of 83% (as per the 2009 cap & trade bill that passed in the U.S. House), which would throw a wrecking ball into industrial civilization, and bring on… a catastrphe! Note that Obama recently said that for his second term he wants to make climate change his top priority. Amazing, when AGW theory has been debunked; AGW is bunk. No, we should not fear that the climate will change in any deleterious way. Indeed, the only thing we have to fear… are the warmists themselves!

  2. johnmcguire says:

    CAGW , just another avenue for control by the one world government crowd. We are being financially raped by the banksters with their federal reserve scam that isn’t really federal and has no reserve . Our presidential choices are continually the lesser of two evils and both controlled by the banksters . We are continually interfering in other nations business or even instigating trouble in other nations and then ending up with a worse situation than when we started. It is all about money and the banksters desire to controll it all with the one world government looming in the back ground as the ultimate solution.

  3. Julia lied her way into office by categorically stating there would be no carbon tax then made a deal with the greens party to form government and changed her stance immediately afterwards. After that decision, support for her government plummeted and when the next election is called her government will be wiped out in a probable landslide.

    • Traitor In Chief says:

      All countries under this assault should be advised that totalitarians aren’t interested in what the electorate wants. They are likely plotting to steal the election in AU just as they are in the US.

  4. Marian says:

    You can learn from New Zealand’s mistake aswell with our 0.2% of total Global CO2 emissions.

    NZ didn’t have to use an excuse about the weather or climatic conditions to bring in a form of carbon tax the ETS. It just wanted to be one of the first in the World to have one. NZ Politicians appeased the UN at the 2009 UN Copehagen Climate Change CO2 emitting Party/talkfest.

    NZ Minister for Climate Change Tim Groser. “Go to Copenhagen with their heads held high”.

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