A Peek Inside The Distorted Mind Of The Left

Mass murders look for gun free zones to commit massacres, because they can kill lots of people and don’t have to worry about getting shot. The Cinemark Theatres prominently display their gun-free policy, which made them an easy target for Holmes.

Shooters target schools, movie theaters and camps for a reason – they are easy targets. Mass shootings don’t happen in gun shops.  So how does the left respond?

Create more gun-free zones.

I don’t know how it is possible to be so stupid. The Aurora theatre is already a gun-free zone, and Aurora has practically tried to make themselves a gun-free city. Holmes knew that Aurora was an easy target.


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46 Responses to A Peek Inside The Distorted Mind Of The Left

  1. gator69 says:

    This is what makes it a mental disorder…

  2. palantir says:

    I can see why guns for hunting and self defence are justified, but why are assault rifles available to the general public? I`m a Brit who lives in Canada; I can`t quite understand the availability of such lethal weapons, when there is really no need.

    • Everyone is Switzerland owns an “assault rifle” and they have the lowest crime rate in the world. Cars kill a million people a year, why not ban them?

    • slp says:

      The term “assault rifle” does not apply to its function or use but to how scary looking it is to some people.

    • Blade says:

      “I can see why guns for hunting and self defence are justified, but why are assault rifles available to the general public?

      They’re not! But they should be because the government should never be better armed than the citizenry.

      • ralphcramdo says:

        Says who? Go to Bing and type Buy AK47.

      • ralphcramdo says:

        My little “Do come into my house unless invited”.

      • Blade says:

        “Says who? Go to Bing and type Buy AK47.”

        I see that, right above the penis growth pills and right below the 100 mpg carburetor. I also found the photos of the team of CIA agents hidden on the grassy knoll.

        Anyway, palantir is talking leftie speak where assault is anything other than a nerf gun. It is best not to perpetuate the nonsense that we can legally buy anything comparable to military grade, even though we absolutely should be able to.

        All the good stuff is illegal or highly regulated to the point of near impossibility. Silencers, full auto, burst, grenades, milspec body armor and night vision. As civies we have legal access to inferior equipment.

        Your HK or HP 9mm is a very nice plinking gun, but understand that the red-dot sight and all the mounting rails and the skeleton stock is what terrifies Bloomberg and the OP.

        Couldn’t you just make do with a Daisy air rifle? 😉

    • Eric Simpson says:

      The 2nd Amendment is not just a check against federal tyranny, but also civil disorder, and organized injustice of whatever unforeseeable sorts, not to mention also personal protection against assault and robbery. Nuts have always been among us, though:

  3. Yes We Can't says:

    Stupidity is endemic to the Progressive mind . . .”mind” being a generous description for the dozen or so working brain cells banging around inside their thick skulls

  4. palantir says:

    The Swiss are a well ordered militia – very different culture. I`m not arguing with the 2nd amendment, but the frequency with which guns end up in the hands of nutters.

    • If 20% of the population was armed, these things would never happen.

    • Who decides who deserves 2nd Amendment rights? How about 1st Amendment rights? Can we just take those away from “nutters”, too?

    • timg56 says:

      Here is the problem with that. Exactly how do you determine who the “nutters” are? Most US states have laws on the books restricting purchase of a firearm to one degree or another. But as any reasonably informed person show know, laws rarely stop people from doing something they are determined to do. And until they invent a device that can determine a persons intent from reading their thoughts, you will have incidents where someone has legally obtained a firearm and then at some later date shown themselves to be unbalanced.

  5. Guys, I don’t mean to go all infowars here, but since the Aurora theatre was a gun-free zone, it’s obvious that the shooting didn’t happen there.

  6. pwl says:

    “Why Switzerland Has The Lowest Crime Rate In The World”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nf1OgV449g

  7. palantir says:

    Steve/Stark, not wishing to start an arguement; there have been incidents like this in the U.K. and in Norway, recently. The question is, how do you keep weapons like this out of the hands of people who are mentally unstable? Also, I thought at least 20% of the US pop was armed.

    Plus I wouldn`t want to overturn the 1st, either, but what about Fred Phelps?

  8. palantir says:

    Point taken, but how did he get them in the first place? Any ideas of his past history?

  9. rocknblues81 says:

    Somebody else said it…

    These guys look for a turkey shoot and not a fair fight.

  10. leftinbrooklyn says:

    ‘So how does the left respond?
    Create more gun-free zones.’

    Just like: ‘Spend your way out of debt.’

  11. mkelly says:

    The day after this happened a pickup truck carrying 23 people left the road hit a tree and 11 folks died including several children. Is one tragedy worse than the other?

    • leftinbrooklyn says:

      I smell a ‘No people in the back of pickup trucks’ law….

    • gator69 says:

      Think how many lives could be saved if we simply cut down every tree. A tree free zone…

    • gofer says:

      “Many of the people in the truck did not have identification and are suspected of being undocumented immigrants; U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Honduran and Mexican consulates have been asked for help in identifying the victims.

      U.S. immigration officials did not immediately return a message seeking information, but have identified the truck’s passengers as being from Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras, according to the San Antonio Express-News. ”

      They died tried to evade U.S. laws.

    • PaddikJ says:

      23 people in a P.U. truck? Were they stacked like cordwood in the back?

  12. Andy DC says:

    There is an obvious right for people to bear arms, but the thought of everyone going around packing heat scares me.

  13. gofer says:

    Chicago, city with strict gun laws:

    28 STABBING deaths through June
    263 homicides thru June, 39% increase
    1/5 of deaths age 20 or younger
    80% gang involvement in deaths
    4X rate of New York City

    Are they going to outlaw sharp objects?

  14. johnmcguire says:

    The only people that have to worry about the guns I carry are the bad people . I will not tolerate assault of myself or others even if I don’t know the people being assaulted. So killers and muggers and rapists and anyone utilizing violence has me for an enemy. The only other people that need to fear what I might do with a gun would be the ones that try to take them from me.

  15. Eric Webb says:

    Anyone else see that since the Colorado movie theater shooting, gun sales are up 40% in that area?

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