Mass Poisoning In Denver

Eric Cartman famously announced upon his arrival in Baghdad, that he thought he was in Denver.

Hundreds of people had been eating the turkey dinner at the charity dinner in Colorado, which helps homeless people, at the weekend.

Authorities said more than 40 people were rushed to hospital nearly an hour later after becoming “violently ill”. No one has died.

An investigation has been launched with initial reports suggesting the illnesses were caused by food poisoning linked to turkey, which had been “donated” to the centre.

It remains unclear if the incident was a deliberate attack or if the meat was potentially undercooked.

Dozens ‘violently ill’ after mass Denver Rescue Mission ‘food poisoning’ – Telegraph

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8 Responses to Mass Poisoning In Denver

  1. gator69 says:

    “A total of 909 Temple members died in Jonestown, all but two from apparent cyanide poisoning, in an event termed “revolutionary suicide” by Jones and some members on an audio tape of the event and in prior discussions. This includes over 200 murdered children. The poisonings in Jonestown followed the murder of five others by Temple members at a nearby Port Kaituma airstrip. The victims included United States Congressman Leo Ryan. Four other Temple members died in Georgetown at Jones’s command.”

  2. ozspeaksup says:

    close to the 1.20 area it gets very very interesting

  3. omanuel says:

    All cities under Big Brother’s control will look alike.

    The traffic round-a-bouts that I observed at intersections during my 1980 visit to the old USSR are now commonplace in the USA.

    I believed Ronald Reagan in 1990 when he proclaimed, “the evil empire is gone !”

    I was awakened to reality in 2009 by the responses of world leaders and leaders of the scientific community to Climategate emails and documents.

    The rest of the story is here:

    Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

  4. omanuel says:

    Thanks for the responses. I like the concept of fluid intelligence to avoid steering left or right instinctively:

    I am not a rightist, but I am no longer the blind leftist – an environmentalist, opposed to racism, nationalism, unregulated capitalism, etc. – before the strange responses of world leaders and leaders of the scientific community to Climategate emails and documents awakened me to an unpleasant reality:

    The evil empire empire submerged from view in 1990 to better promote AGW dogma later, but the evil empire has been alive and thriving since 1945, manipulating science with false models of the energy (E) stored as mass (m) in the cores of atoms [1] and stars [2,3], . . .

    Like the cores of atoms of uranium and plutonium that respectively destroyed Hiroshima on 6 Aug 1945 and Nagasaki on 9 Aug 1945, and . . .

    The cores of stars, like this “fountain of energy” Copernicus discovered at the center of the solar system in 1543:

    _ Schematic of Sun:
    _ Photograph of Sun:

    Anonymous reviews of research proposals and manuscripts [4] and a well-designed trail of federal grant funds guided consensus scientists around observations and experimental data that conflicted with these false models, e.g., the conflict of these nuclear rest mass data with Yukawa’s model of attractive forces between neutrons


    1. Hideki Yukawa, Introduction to Quantum Mechanics (1946); Introduction to the Theory of Elementary Particles (1948)

    2. Fred Hoyle, “The chemical composition of the stars,” Monthly Notices Royal Astronomical Society 106, 255-59 (1946)

    3. Fred Hoyle, “The synthesis of the elements from hydrogen,” Monthly Notices Royal Astronomical Society 106, 343-83 (1946)

    4. J. Marvin Herndon, “Corruption of science in America,” The Dot Connector Magazine 2, 25-32 (2011):
    See also:

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