Huffington Post Piles The Lies Higher And Deeper

Climate Change Effects: Things Global Warming Just Might Ruin For Your Kids
Posted: 07/24/2012 11:45 pm

The West is on fire. The Maldives are going underwater and California can expect a sea level rise of six inches in less than 20 years.

Climate Change Effects: Things Global Warming Just Might Ruin For Your Kids

Complete nonsense. This year is the slowest fire year in the US since 2003, and there is a remarkably small number of fires right now. The Maldives are not going underwater, rather they are making long-term expansions to their airport. There has been no sea level rise in California for 30 years, and not the slightest hint that is changing.

It is not OK to lie, Huffington Post.


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10 Responses to Huffington Post Piles The Lies Higher And Deeper

  1. gofer says:

    Reading the comments more than a few minutes will cause one to think the world has gone insane. They’re obsessed with Fox News, but they simply parrot everything they’ve heard form the MSM. I never understood people who are preoccupied with doom. They’ve created their own good vs. evil, sins and salvation Church of Environmental Justice. They fancy themselves hereos fighting against the evil capitalist and saving the world. FUBAR. They don’t want to hear anything that might crush their belief that man is evil, greedy and destructive and everyone on the “right” cares about nothing but money. It’s mindboggling arrogant ignorance. I don’t know what kind of false moral mountain they speak from but they are a monument to stupidity. These type of people are the easiest led into any false premise and as long as it fits their ideological bent, it must be true. A 10 on the vomit-meter.

  2. Idiotboy says:

    Agree with gofer. I am not a regular visitor to Huff as each time makes me feel like my brain is going to implode. I came to the conclusion that what I am witnessing is the start of one of those widely known but not fully understood evolutionary extinction cycles, where a species disappears overnight without any meaningful explanation. If / when the Huffers get what they want – an energy and pollution free world without the distasteful encumbrances of industry and intensive agriculture to mess it all up – they will find that their brave new world in no way resembles the green utopia which they have assiduously lobbied for over past decades, and ironically they will be among the least prepared to cope with the ensuing chaos if intelligence is an indicator of ones survival prospects.
    Gofer’s vomit meter needs to go to eleven.

  3. Eric Webb says:

    The Huffington Post just keeps on huffing and puffing the same old CAGW BS.

    • Andy DC says:

      It is just stock alarmist drivel that they roll out from time to time to fill up space. No one bothers to check the truth.

      • Eric Webb says:

        Hardly anyone with any common sense even bothers to check the Huffington Post, other than to make a counter argument to what they publish.

  4. kirkmyers says:

    The Huffington Post has made a conscience decision to promote the global warming myth and the unscientific pronouncements of the “consensus” charlatans who constantly hector the rest of us over rising CO2, a minor trace gas that represents 0.117 percent of the so-called “greenhouse effect.” Clearly, the editors won’t let facts get in the way of a good scare story that buttresses the eco-extremist hatred of fossil fuels and the internal combustion engine.

    The anti-capitalist drivel coming from the Green movemement is truly based on a hatred of industry and humanity. Left to their own designs, mankind would be reduced to impoverished hunter-gatherers, foraging for food and battling against the extremes of Mother Nature.

    The most extreme Luddites-turned-Eugencists, who consider humans an environmental pollutant, would reduce the world’s population by billions to protect the ecology of the planet. How they would implement this “Final Green Solution” one can only imagine.

  5. johnmcguire says:

    Hey it’s the huff post , started by a wackjob and continued by wackjobs . They never let the facts get in the way of their emotions and their emotions are formed on false precepts .

  6. Shooter says:

    The Huff. Post does the same thing in regards to feminism. It doesn’t do any fact checking and relies on scare stories. A question to ask them: If sea level rise is such a huge problem, why is it ONLY affecting California? Sea level rise, as the term should imply, is rising water levels throughout the globe. Yet no evidence suggests that. Besides, six inches isn’t that much. Great floods of old were much more catastrophic, and many of those occured before humans came to be.

  7. Brian G Valentine says:

    “Huffington Post” = Cocktail party liberals with a proclivity to telling other people what to do.

    dog shit

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