Kentucky Used To Be Much Hotter

According to USHCN daily thermometer data, Kentucky used to be much hotter. The five hottest summers all occurred before 1960.

1936	79.9876
1952	78.444
1934	78.3737
1901	78.168
1894	78.0981

The vast majority of all-time record maximums were set or tied prior to 1960.

Maximum temperatures have been in sharp decline since the start of records in 1895, with 1921 being the hottest year


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2 Responses to Kentucky Used To Be Much Hotter

  1. Eric Simpson says:

    NRO has a post that might be worth reporting on, headlined:
    Global warming strikes the Olympics….. it’s might be too cold!
    For the female volleyball players to wear bikinis…
    We have to do something, before it’s too late!!
    Right, lets start massive CO2 dumping if that’s possible; lets run our cars and air conditioners and waffle makers night and day to make sure it warms up quick… Oh, wait, that’s not going to do any good: (click my name for -the- key video on CO2).

  2. Ivan says:

    1921 was pretty grim in Italy as well:
    LONDON, Jan. 1.
    A message from Rome states that the drought in Northern Italy is the worst for three centuries. It is affecting undertakings dependent on water power, compelling them to restrict their output. In Milan electric lighting has been reduced, and the theatres are closing two nights each week to economise light.”
    Jan 1922

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