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Julia’s Tax An Instant Success

Julia has proven that taxing the climate makes the weather as cold as she is. 25 Jul, 2012 10:10 AM Perth on track for coldest month on record Julia and Ross can declare victory and move on.

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McKibben The Rainman

Ever since Bill wrote about the unprecedented drought in northern Mexico, they have been slammed by heavy rain nearly every day. Weather Street:Clouds and Precipitation Forecast Movie

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Two Weeks Left Until The Ice Free Arctic

NASA’s top Arctic scientist predicted an ice-free Arctic for 2012, and there are two weeks of above freezing weather left at the north pole. The ice edge only needs to retreat 100 miles per day from all sides to reach … Continue reading

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Unprecedented Meltdown #2 Progresses


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Waiting For That Greenland Tsunami

According to NASA, Greenland experienced a massive ice melt last week which turned the entire country red hot and apparently melted all the ice.   It is surprising that no one issued a tsunami warning, because our beaches must certainly have drowned … Continue reading

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Note To Alarmists

If you have to lie, cherry pick and deceive –  then your belief system isn’t worth the cheap recycled toilet paper it is written on.

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Jeff Masters Continues To Lie About The Heatwave

St. Louis is seeing some unbelievable heat this summer: On Wednesday, the city hit 108 degrees, Weather Underground meteorologist Jeff Masters said. “This marked the 11th day this summer in St. Louis with temperatures of at least 105 degrees,” he … Continue reading

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