McKibben The Rainman

Ever since Bill wrote about the unprecedented drought in northern Mexico, they have been slammed by heavy rain nearly every day.

Weather Street:Clouds and Precipitation Forecast Movie

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6 Responses to McKibben The Rainman

  1. Andy DC says:

    Maybe he can do a rain dance and save the corn crop.

  2. DERise says:

    Can you get him to write about unprecedented heat in Virginia? I been sweating like hell.

  3. The penny dropped for me recently when the leading intellectuals of the global warming movement started to pronounce that short term weather events and floods and droughts (without any context in relation to long term global trends) were attributable to CO2. Up until that point I assumed they were intelligent people with a reasonable theory that just turned out to be exaggerated. (It happens in science.) It was a bit of a shock to look at the latest collection of their extraordinary claims and realize that they were actually idiots…

    • PaddikJ says:

      Not idiots, just desperate. The biggest con in human history is winding down, they get this regional, probably short-term heat wave & drought, and they’re gonna ride it for all it’s worth.

      It is literally the only play they have left.

  4. BarryW says:

    So we have the Gore effect for snow and now the McKibben effect for rain?

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