Beer Cart Arrives

The heat is on at meltdown part deux, and the beer cart has arrived.



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10 Responses to Beer Cart Arrives

  1. scizzorbill says:

    Only 2 degrees F below freezing. Quite balmy thanks to the Southerly breeze.

  2. Billy Liar says:

    The temperature is rather high. Apart from the event on 11 July this year I could only find two other July observations in the last 8 years of their data that were >= -2C; the warmest was -1.3 on 23 July 2006. The other one was -2.0C on 23 July 2005.

    I did find 2 days where the sign was missing on the temperature giving ridiculously high readings 🙂

  3. gator69 says:

    I sure hope they remembered to bring plenty of ice!

  4. Mike Mangan says:

    BEST op-ed in NYT this week. Muller all in on CAGW narrative. Please comment.

    And how odd that Anthony’s got something in the works, too.

  5. Ole Heinrich says:

    DMI has a fine figure of the temperatures at Summit in several years Many dots over zero over the years

  6. Me says:

    Now that’s funny! 😆

  7. Eric Webb says:

    This would be a great place to shoot a beer commercial, nice and cold, year round.

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