Crazy Birthers – Where Did They Come Up With The Ridiculous Idea That Obama Was Born In Kenya?


Born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii’


Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate



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15 Responses to Crazy Birthers – Where Did They Come Up With The Ridiculous Idea That Obama Was Born In Kenya?

  1. Paul in Sweden says:

    That Hawaii Certificate of Live Birth is actually on file in Hawaii while not even the governor of Hawaii could locate President Obama’s.

    • Dave N says:

      ..and Kevin can’t find the missing heat. Actually, poor analogy; the heat isn’t there anyway. Point being that there are incompetent people everywhere; even in government, and climate science

      • Paul in Sweden says:

        My thoughts are not so much with government incompetence but the fact that Obama does not even have the Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth that foreigners have fraudulently obtained over the years. The cut and paste facsimile of a Hawaiian Certificate posted by the Obama administration is more than dubious. After the governor of Hawaii stated that after years of various municipal workers not being able to locate the alleged Obama Certificate of Live birth and his own failed efforts, I am more than a little suspicious on this matter.

  2. Dave N says:

    The old “someone said it before, and others are repeated it means it’s must be true” argument. That might work for alarmists, but not for rational thinkers.

  3. says:

    Here what cinched for me: I downloaded O’s birth certificate direct from It’s an adobe document with layers–and scanned documents don’t have layers. Period. Now I don’t know where O was born; nevertheless, I really have to ask myself why he would post a computer-generated birth certificate…

    • Traitor In Chief says:

      Michelle stated in a speech that when Barry was born, his mother was “very young and very single”. There appears some very light hand written coding on the BC posted on When Arpaio’s sherriffs interviewed the registrar who’s name appears on the stamp on Barry’s phoney BC, she stated those little codes all have meaning. The “9” in the field where Obama Sr’s name appears indicates that “No Information was provided” suggesting one of the BCs used to make the forgery had no name in that box.

      Barry’s COLB or BC, whichever he has, likely lists his name as Dunham, and identifies no father. Strangely enough, in the film/book due out this summer “Dreams of my REAL father”, speculation is made that (card carrying communist) Frank Marshall Davis is his father, because he is linked to nude photos of Anne Dunham (which appear to have been taken in the LR of the home in which Frank Lived), AND because he later wrote in one of his biographies (Sex Rebel, Black) that he had an affair with a young woman named Ann.

      Another claim is that Anne had her parents drop young Barry at Franks house once a week for a visit. Odd. “Dreams” reportedly mentions “Frank” 22 times, and it was one of the original “friendly” biographies that identified this “Frank” as Davis. But where it REALLY gets weird is with the accusation that Davis was a Bisexual, and Barry’s poem about Davis (titled POPS – as in “daddy dearest?”) reads like a putrid man-boy love story. Dizgusting. But dovetails nicely into the Larry Sinclair story.

      Maybe Anne Pined for Barack Sr., and offered to marry him to allow him to stay in the US. Possibly she tried to suck him into Marriage by hatching Barry there in front of his family. Davis was her father’s age, and married. Later, young Barry (or Soebarka, or Barack Ubeyd, or whoever this dude is) latched onto the Kenyan link because it was a far more interesting story than his actual life.

      Obama let that Dystel and Goderich Bio stand FOR 16 YEARS without correction. D & G have their clients write their own Bio, according to their other clients. (what simpler place to obtain it?) so the claim someone in the office mistakenly took Kenya for Hawaii (Tho the two sound so similar) is Bullshit. Obama wrote that Bio, and let it stand for 16 years. Barry himself is the original “Birther”. Even if born in Hawaii, Barry would likely have lost his citizenship when Anne moved the family to Indonesia to be with Soetoro. This would certainly explain the stolen SS#

      Fraud, Liar, Freeloading Man-Boy love poet, Marxist Huckster.

      • johnmcguire says:

        You spin an interesting scenario and possibly it is true , I don’t know . I do know that obama has no business being in the whitehouse and that every move he has made has been corrupt and destructive to the US . The only way any of this can be happening is with complisence on a huge scale and I don’t see how an election can straighten it out as we do not know if we will get an honest vote count or how many illegals will vote . The democrats have been busy destroying the system to guarantee a fair and accurate vote for several years and the republicans have allowed it to happen so I don’t see much honesty from either group . We are always given the choice of the lesser of two evils.

      • EllenHancock1 says:

        The officials in Hawaii have repeatedly confirmed the facts on Obama’s birth certificate, accepted as evidence by the CONSERVATIVE Secretary of State of Arizona, the officials in Hawaii stated in writing that the facts on the long form birth certificate that the White House published are EXACTLY the same as on the birth certificate in the files. So his name cannot be “Dunham” on the document. It is exactly the same as on he document Obama published, so it is Obama. And the name of the hospital and the place of birth are also exactly the same—-Kapiolani Hospital and Honolulu, Hawaii.

  4. leftinbrooklyn says:

    I think it probably comes down to: he was born in Hawaii, but his parents, his mentors, the places he’s lived, his live experiences were all so anti-American that of course, as an adult, he chose to deny his citizenship (the literary agent bio). With all his life’s influences being what they were, how could he NOT turn out so anti-American? So how could he not turn out to be the most unfit American President?

  5. DC Andy says:

    It is entirely possible that we have had an imposter in the White House for 4 years. Obama has evolved into an effective Huey Long style “soak the rich and promise them anything” demagogue. With Obama running on that platform and with Romney talking about the need for belt tightening, it would not surprise me if Obama wins.

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