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Raw USHCN Daily Data Shows 0.11 C Warming Per Decade Since 1979

Starting in 1979 make no sense though, because it was the coldest year since 1924. If we start in 1930, the US is cooling.

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Shock News : Anthony Reports That The Temperature Record Sucks – Mosher Disagrees

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Times Atlas Vs. NASA

The Times Atlas got in trouble last year for publishing this bogus map of Greenland. It turns out that they showed far too much ice. Recent maps from NASA indicate that all of the ice has melted. NASA reports strange, … Continue reading

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Global Cooling In Canada

GHCN raw daily data shows a cooling trend in Canada since 1880. Unlike the US, only a small percentage of the GHCN stations are located at airports.

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Has The Freezing Point Of Water Changed?

I have found hundreds of news stories describing the melting of the Arctic between 1900 and 1940, as well as abundant evidence that Arctic ice expanded during the 1970s. Unless the freezing point of water has changed, the earlier period must have been warmer. … Continue reading

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Hansen: Incompetent At Elementary School Math

Popular Science – Google Books Half of the years in the 1950s had severe droughts. Hansen was off by a factor of ten in his calculation. Contiguous U.S., Palmer Modified Drought Index (PMDI), July-June 1896-2012 The Guardian calls him the world’s greatest … Continue reading

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Hansen 1989 : 225 MPH Hurricanes

Popular Science – Google Books

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Florida Keys To Drown In 38 Years

Popular Science – Google Books

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Nothing To See Here … Move Along

1991 Born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii’ 2004 “Kenyan-Born Obama All Set for US Senate 2007 http://web.archive.org/web/20070403190001

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It Took A White Woman To Fix The Climate

  White men destroyed Australia’s climate over 150 years ago, but Julia was able to turn it all around in short order. The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser  Wednesday 11 March 1846 11 Mar 1846 – ON THE CHANGE … Continue reading

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