Global Cooling In Canada

GHCN raw daily data shows a cooling trend in Canada since 1880. Unlike the US, only a small percentage of the GHCN stations are located at airports.

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11 Responses to Global Cooling In Canada

  1. David Appell says:

    Remember in school when they would say, “please show your work?” That’s what hyperlinks are for. Or are you afraid someone might check the details?

  2. It’s actually 22,064,751,540 bytes in 81,349 files.

    Steve, is there a way to compare airport vs non-airport USA sites (urban vs rural type analysis)?

  3. Fred Pontius says:

    I am downloading the data file above but it is probably too big for me to analyze but I am wondering what the statistical prediction interval of these data would look like if shown on the graph as well…..I realize it is meaningless physically but it might help drive home the point to the unsophiscated viewer the foolishness of using a data set like this to try to predict the future……just a suggestion….

  4. Shooter says:

    We’ve got the heatwave here, and quite strangely, in an article in a magazine I read, the 1950’s had worse droughts and heatwaves than the one we’ve got now. Amazing, since Greenies still say that this is “Global Warming”.

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