Now We Know Why Obama Won’t Release His Academic Records

Apparently he is unable to do simple mathematics

the Navy is spending $27 a gallon for fuel. The Air Force is spending $59 per gallon for biofuels.

And again, it takes more oil to create that biofuel than is produced in the process. So not only are they spending far more money, they’re wasting oil in order to spend that higher amount. Brilliant!

Vilsack: High Corn Prices Bad for Livestock, but Don’t Curb Ethanol

h/ to Dave G

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21 Responses to Now We Know Why Obama Won’t Release His Academic Records

  1. Brian G Valentine says:

    Actually, most of the energy to make the biofuel comes from natural gas (from methanol for the biodiesel esters and most of the natural gas heat is used for distillation).

    On the average, 5x the energy of natural gas per equivalent amount of energy from bio fuel.

    I don’t know if Romney is capable of this incompetence, or if the attribute is unique to Dumbocrats and Prince Charles

    • philjourdan says:

      I am glad you added that. It would be sheer insanity (not beyond belief for liberals) to use more oil to produce bio fuels. At least using Natural gas, it is just an energy store converter (from an unusable state to a usable state).

  2. Paul in Sweden says:

    Anything the Navy can do the Air Force can do at a much higher price…

    Great Green Fleece: Air Force Spends $59 Per Gallon for Biofuel
    The U.S. Air Force spent $59 per gallon on biofuels for a demonstration last month intended to show the promise of the alternative energy source. That’s more than double what the U.S. Navy spent as part of its so-called Great Green Fleet demonstration.
    The total cost for the 11,000 gallons of synthetic jet fuel from Gevo Inc., a Colorado-based company, amounts to $639,000.
    For its demonstration, Navy officials spent $12 million on 450,000 gallons of fuel, or approximately $26 a gallon. Combining the fuel with petroleum in a 50-50 mixture reduces the cost per gallon to around $15, more than four times the cost of petroleum alone. The company providing the Navy’s biofuel, Solazyme, was a recipient of stimulus grant funding.

  3. Paul in Sweden says:

    Two companies involved on the ground level of an expensive Pentagon effort to embrace biofuels have used familiar strategies in building their profiles in Washington using hefty campaign contributions and aggressive lobbying to secure support.

    • Brian G Valentine says:

      You mean, the force behind this canonical example of Dumbocrat stupidity is – deep pocketed Dumbocrats?

      I’m shocked

      • Paul in Sweden says:

        Obama fundraising with key figures from Solyndra scandal
        July 24, 2012

        Steve Westly, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist, was one of the first to raise red flags about the administration’s support for a $500 million loan to Solyndra, the solar energy start-up that later went bankrupt. He wrote directly to senior Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett in 2010 to raise concerns about the company’s viability ahead of the president’s high-profile visit that year.

        Matt Rogers, a former senior adviser at the Department of Energy, played a key role in approving Solyndra’s loan as part of the stimulus plan.

        Both men were spotted by White House print pool reporter Darren Samuelsohn of Politico at the Piedmont, Calif., home of Quinn Delaney and Wayne Jordan, who were hosting the $35,800-a-head event.

      • Brian G Valentine says:

        They probably won’t use Chick-fil-A to cater the event

  4. Me says:

    So why is the navy spending $27 a gallon for fuel in the first place when it’s 3.796 a gallon?
    Is it like the $20k for a hammer and $30 K for a screw driver thing errrr something?

  5. Paul in Sweden says:

    There has been some progress on this matter:

    United States Senator James Inhofe : Press Room
    A recent DOD report estimates the biofuels initiative will cost an extra $1.8 billion a year in fuel costs for just the Navy. Inhofe believes energy efficiency in the military is a worthy pursuit when solutions are sensible and affordable. He has been a leading voice in arguing that the DOD should not serve as the testing ground for costly, unproven alternative energy solutions such as these biofuel technologies.

    In the SASC-passed version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for FY’13, the following amendments offered by Inhofe were included:

    Limitation on availability of funds for procurement of alternative fuels: No funds authorized in Fiscal Year 2013 may be obligated or expended by the Department of Defense for the production or purchase of sole purchase of an alternative fuel if the cost of producing or purchasing the alternative fuel exceeds the cost of producing or procuring a traditional fossil fuel that would be used for the same purpose as the alternative fuel, with an exception for the DOD to complete engine or fleet certification for 50/50 fuel blends using Research and Development funds.

    Prohibition on Biofuel Refinery Construction: Prohibits the Department of Defense from providing funding for the construction of a biofuels refinery or any other facility or infrastructure used to refine biofuels unless the requirement is specifically authorized by law.

    It would have been better that the whole program was scraped. The worst part of this Eco-fiasco is that the cost for this non-sense was diverted from operating budgets.

  6. Freeloader in Chief says:

    This is simply theft via overpayment

  7. Banatu says:

    So what, it’s cool to bomb people and what not as long as it’s green? This whole situation is obscene.

  8. Andy DC says:

    The AGW scam could be an important factor in the next election. If Steve and others can convince the public that they have been duped, it would go a long way to help dispose Obama.

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