Paying The High Price For A Defective Belief System

Last year our friends on the left promised to bury Arizona for doing the right thing. Meanwhile California promised to bury business for creating CO2.

Business is paying attention.

Is Phoenix the Next Silicon Valley?

Posted by Soulskill on Tuesday July 31, @04:37PM
from the silicon-valley-could-probably-hold-onto-a-hockey-team dept.

SpicyBrownMustard writes“There’s no secret to a rising level of ‘Silicon Valley fatigue’ lately, and the new reality show certainly isn’t helping. And with hacker hostels packing in twenty somethings fueling the ‘it’s okay to fail’ incubator culture that now is actually hurting startups, it’s no wonder weariness with the culture is setting in. asks the question: Is Phoenix The Next Silicon Valley? The article covers a startup with a couple names you might know, who picked Phoenix due to its much lower cost of living and different quality of life. The startup’s CTO, ‘explains that having so much more financial freedom lowers the stress associated with working for a startup, as he can enjoy work/live balance.’ Their location certainly didn’t hurt fundraising, as they managed $2 million in seed capital. Are we indeed moving on from Silicon Valley for tech startups?”

Is Phoenix the Next Silicon Valley? – Slashdot

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5 Responses to Paying The High Price For A Defective Belief System

  1. Billy Liar says:

    One of the most successful embedded processor vendors is already in Phoenix (well, Chandler) – Microchip.

  2. Perhaps California could join the European Union and apply for a bail out.

  3. gregole says:

    I have a small high-tech manufacturing company and I moved it out of California in 2004/2005. It was painful but worth it. Phoenix is a much better place for a business like ours. We still do a lot of our business with customers in California – there are a lot of smart, good people in California. Make no mistake about that. Problem is they are not in charge of the government there or at least do not have a dominant voice in running things. It is such a shame the hash that is being made out of that great state – actually a beacon to people all around the world – what a shame…

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