Seeing Babies

After my first child was born, I started seeing babies everywhere. Prior to then, I never really noticed that babies existed. Two possible interpretations arose

  1. Huge numbers of babies were born at the same time, after a long period of low baby production
  2. I never noticed or cared about babies before

If I were Jeff Masters, Bill McKibben or Joe Romm, I would of course choose #1.


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9 Responses to Seeing Babies

  1. Me says:

    😆 Pretty Much!

  2. I have similar story of my own concerning boobs…

  3. Birth rate is unprecedented. Soon humans will be forced to live in Antarctica—-no room left anywhere else.

  4. leftinbrooklyn says:

    ‘I never noticed or cared about babies before.’

    I wish my mayor had never noticed…it’s embarassing just living under his ‘representation’….

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