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July 31 News : Thanks To Urbanization, Joe Romm’s IQ Has Dramatically Decreased

It has been known for years that cities make rainstorms more intense. Romm rolls yet another gutter ball. Cities incite thunderstorms, researchers find Summer thunderstorms become much more fierce when they collide with a city than they would otherwise be … Continue reading

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1890 : Louisville Destroyed By A Massive Tornado

28 May 1890 – WHAT AMERICAN CYCLONES CAN DO. (From the St. Jam…

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This Is What Climate Change Looks Like

February, 1936 was the coldest month in US history and July, 1936 was the first or second hottest. In between those months was some of the most deadly weather in US history. 08 Apr 1936 – STORMS IN U.S.A. Devastating … Continue reading

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Mislabeled Product Fraud

Even if the people behind the USHCN/GHCN/GISS/NOAA data tampering believe that what they are doing is scientifically legitimate (and I have serious doubts about that) – they are misrepresenting their product as thermometer data. They take a measured cooling trend, … Continue reading

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Hitler Reacts To Herr Muller’s Failure

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McKibben Believes That CO2 Turned Him Into A Newt

Twitter / billmckibben: On Sunday, every weather station … On July 31, 1934 all of the weather stations in Oklahoma topped 100, and most topped 110.  The table below shows recorded high temperatures for all of the USHCN weather stations … Continue reading

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How The US Hockey Stick Was Built

As of 1999, there wasn’t any warming in the US for 80 years. Hansen made these remarkable comments in 1999 : Empirical evidence does not lend much support to the notion that climate is headed precipitately toward more extreme heat … Continue reading

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GHCN : Messing With Texas – And Everybody Else

More evidence that the temperature record isn’t worth the toilet paper it was written on. The daily USHCN temperatures for Texas show a strong cooling trend, while the daily GHCN temperatures for Texas show a strong warming trend. Somehow out of this … Continue reading

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“It’s hard to tell exactly what they’re doing at this point”

Many skeptics take issue with what they call systemic data manipulation. For example, climate blogger Steve Goddard told that “adjustments” made in the past to climate data have merely conflated the problem Watts uncovered. “They started making what they … Continue reading

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Now We Know Why Obama Won’t Release His Academic Records

Apparently he is unable to do simple mathematics the Navy is spending $27 a gallon for fuel. The Air Force is spending $59 per gallon for biofuels. And again, it takes more oil to create that biofuel than is produced in the process. So … Continue reading

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