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NCDC Scientist’s Comments Are Consistent With A Political Agenda

The best historical analog is a relatively recent one, said Michael Brewer, a physical scientist at NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center. “This year actually looks a lot like 1988,” he said. “A summer-onset drought that hit in the Corn Belt, … Continue reading

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Skeptic Muller 2011 : Global Warming Is By Far The Most Serious Problem In The World

Did Muller obtain money from the Koch Brothers by intentionally misrepresenting his position? Why does Muller feel compelled to shake up the world of climate change? “We are doing this because it is the most important project in the world today. … Continue reading

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Berkeley Fraudster Now Called A “Denier”

Muller has been telling us for years that global warming is the most serious problem the world has ever faced, and now is being portrayed as a converted denier Climate Change Denier Concludes Global Warming Is Real, Caused By Humans July 31, … Continue reading

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USSR Update : Huffington Post Wants To Jail Anyone Who Disagrees With Them

Huffington post declares : “Put that wall back up” Should Accountability for Global Warming Be Linked to Crimes Against Humanity? We define as having criminal intent any person who calculates that there is a definite possibility their actions will result … Continue reading

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Correcting NCDC BS

When NCDC makes their fraudulent claim in the next couple of days that July 2012 was the hottest on record in the US, here is the formula for correcting their data back to the actual temperature. Recent July data tampering has been … Continue reading

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It’s A Carbon Fine, Not A Tax

Boxer hints carbon taxcould be part of larger budget deal A carbon tax could be part of a larger deal on tax and budget,two Senate Democrats who support action on climate change said today. “I think if it’s part of … Continue reading

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UCS To Report That Less Dense Water Now Sinks

Mann made CO2 has altered the very fundamentals of physics. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists “he will explain that the ocean has absorbed more than 90 percent of the heat trapped over the past century by greenhouse gasses … Continue reading

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Racist White People

It appears that evil white people are judging Obama’s performance based on the color of his skin, rather than the $16 trillion debt and 9% unemployment. Romney has a 20-point advantage among white voters.  Obama is supported by 91% of black voters … Continue reading

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The New Definition Of Extreme Weather

Few tornadoes No hurricanes Hot during the summer Cold during the winter Mild during the winter Thunderstorms Wind Rain Lack of rain All of these things are undeniable proof that our climate has passed the tipping point. When I was … Continue reading

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