UCS To Report That Less Dense Water Now Sinks

Mann made CO2 has altered the very fundamentals of physics.

According to the Union of Concerned Scientists “he will explain that the ocean has absorbed more than 90 percent of the heat trapped over the past century by greenhouse gasses that have accumulated in the atmosphere, and that this heat is now penetrating deep into the ocean

Quark Soup by David Appell: Audio of Tomorrow’s Senate Hearing

There are vast stores of sizzling hot water hiding deep under the Gulf Of Alaska

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11 Responses to UCS To Report That Less Dense Water Now Sinks

  1. 90% of catastrophic global warming is going into the deep ocean which also happens to be one of the few places left that we can barely measure with any semblance of accuracy? An unlucky break, eh? If we had good measurements there for the last 100 years this claim could be proven and shut the deniers up once and for all… if only we had a time machine!

    But look at the bright side. If it’s all going in the deep ocean which is really really cool and has a vastly greater capacity to store heat than the atmosphere, then we are all saved. The Union of Concerned Scientists must be celebrating. 😉

    Actually I love how they are pointing to the one place we have almost zero data on and then attempting to tie to ‘extreme weather events’. I have to say that the absurdity of these types of recent claims have shifted me over from Luke Warmer to a more hardcore sceptical position.

  2. SMS says:

    That warmer water would still show up as water expansion. I don’t see anything unusual about the rate of rise in the oceans; so I guess they are FOS. Again!

    • Warm water doesn’t sink under cold water, except for some odd effects right around the freezing point.

      • To play Devil’s advocate, might they be thinking that the warm water is being pulled under by those massive currents (when the currents get blocked by a continental land mass) that stream through the ocean and that the heat then disperses into the surrounding cold water before much upwelling can occur? They can’t really be thinking that warm water sinks can they? I know these climate activists have put forward some weird ideas before but…

      • I’m sure ocean currents can ‘sink’ warm water to lower depths. But once the warm water has diffused into the freezing cold water — altering the total water heat content by some fraction of a fraction of 1C — it’s not clear to me how this warmth then recombines later to strike down civilisation. David Appell can explain this to us since he must know something about entropy and thermodynamics. 😉

      • jimash1 says:

        Can warm air really warm up water at all ?
        Doesn’t warm my bathtub or swimming pool.

    • sthelensoregon says:

      What is the “usual” rate of rise of the ocean?

  3. Eric Webb says:

    These climate idiots really are like our president. They promise they’ll do something good for society, then behind your back commit fraud and lie to you. Both also have the intention of drastically altering your daily life for their own means, and have a hidden agenda that the left and the mainstream media adore. Did I miss anything?

  4. Dave N says:

    I’m still waiting for Kev’s obviously brilliant and groundbreaking scientific work that demonstrates it is even possible for warmer water to be trapped under cold for any significant length of time. Moreover, can he give an indication of when it might resurface, or is it stuck down there for a really long time?

  5. PeterF says:

    sure, warm water does sink under cold water! And hot-air balloons drill themselves into the ground!

  6. tckev says:

    Here’s one for you Steven.
    Rate of Sea Level Rise(SLR): Predictions vs. Measurements

    Nice lines –
    Boretti writes that the huge deceleration of SLR over the last 10 years “is clearly the opposite of what is being predicted by the models,” …..To illustrate the importance of his findings, he notes that “in order for the prediction of a 100-cm increase in sea level by 2100 to be correct, the SLR must be almost 11 mm/year every year for the next 89 years,” but he notes that “since the SLR is dropping, the predictions become increasingly unlikely,”

    Reality doesn’t fit the model again. Now how are they going to fudge the data this time?

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