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High Temperatures At Altus, Oklahoma – August 9-14 1936

111  115  116  120  115  110 It has been hot this year too, but nowhere near as hot. The last two days were 111, and 103 is the forecast for today. So why are so many people who have access … Continue reading

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America Vs. Australia

It took several years of drought and  a crooked prime minister to get Australians to submit to a carbon superstition tax. Will the US give in to the commies after three or four weeks of rapidly disappearing drought?

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You Didn’t Build That

Georgia lumberyard owner hammers Obama on ‘You didn’t build that’ | Fox News h/t to slimething

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More Entertainment From The US Drought Monitor

Never mind that Fort Collins is the greenest I have ever seen it in August. We are apparently having either a severe or extreme drought. Arizona and Arkansas have also been getting heavy rain, but the government says that they are about … Continue reading

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Historical Ice Information Is Worthless

Cryosphere Today has this graph on their website, purporting to show accelerating ice loss since 1900. It appears entertaining, except for the fact that the data is garbage. http://arctic.atmos.uiuc.edu/cryosphere/IMAGES/seasonal.extent.1900-2010.png Note the two circles which I drew for 1974 and 1979. It appears there was a … Continue reading

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Criminal Activity – The New Normal

Gleick became a hero of the global warming movement by lying and cheating, and Muller is following in his footsteps. Muller has been telling us for years that global warming is the most serious problem mankind faces, and now he … Continue reading

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Arctic Ice Vs. August 1938

The map below compares Arctic ice vs. 1938. green is 2012 and red is 1938.   brunnur.vedur.is/pub/trausti/Iskort/Pdf/1938/1938_08.pdf

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Dear Wildly Dishonest Harvard Professor Who Lied To Congress

The graph below plots sea level at New York for the last 160 years. The fastest period of sea level rise was the 1930s. Since 1950, sea level has been rising at about half the 1930s rate. Why did you … Continue reading

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IPCC Scientists Lie To Congress

Climate change the cause of summer’s extreme weather, Congress told | Environment | guardian.co.uk The US is experiencing the lowest hurricane activity on record. It has been seven years since a major hurricane hit the US.  This year is likely to have … Continue reading

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“You Didn’t Build That”

  oedoakes202 • 10 hours ago   “You didn’t build that . . .” – President Obama July 27, 2012 Dear Mr. Obama, Normally when you utter something so colossally idiotic I tend to see what everyone else does and if its … Continue reading

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