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Ice Gain In Greenland This Summer

The Greenland Summit Camp has gained a significant amount of snow this summer. You can see the fresh snow in the image below.   summit:status:webcam NASA of course failed to report the gain in ice, focusing  instead on the world’s … Continue reading

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Signs Of Heresy

Our church of CO2 worship is threatened. There are interlopers among us. If you see any of these behaviors, report them immediately to the climate inquisition. Blaming weather on anything other than CO2. It is blasphemy to deny the power of the one true CO2 god. … Continue reading

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It Is The New Kind Of Drought

Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado are all listed as having extreme drought. None of those states have any forest fires at the present time, a very unusual circumstance for August. Apparently it is that new kind of extreme drought – drought sans … Continue reading

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Clear Headed Thinking About UHI

Top climate scientists believe that a 0.0001 increase in CO2 atmospheric mole fraction can increase the temperature at Los Angeles by 12F. These same people don’t believe that 2,000 square miles of asphalt and concrete, 10 million cars burning trillions of BTUs of gasoline, … Continue reading

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Correlating Muller With Osama

Careful analysis of recent events shows that every time Obama kills Osama, Muller shortly thereafter converts from being a skeptic to being an alarmist. While we can’t definitively link specific Muller conversion events to Osama death events, we can say that this is exactly … Continue reading

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Hurricane Ike Killed 40,000 People In Texas In 2008

“All neighborhoods … and possibly entire coastal communities … will be inundated during the period of peak storm tide,” the advisory said. “Persons not heeding evacuation orders in single-family one- or two-story homes will face certain death.” http://articles.cnn.com/ Bill Read, … Continue reading

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Legislating Two Degrees

Ice cores show regular long term 12C swings in temperature, with 2C shorter term swings.   New Antarctic Ice Core Data Our government says that they can stop a 2C swing in temperature – because they are vastly stupider and more superstitious … Continue reading

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