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Palm Trees Migrating To Antarctica

Temperatures in Antarctica have hit a balmy -109F over the last two days, which can mean only one thing – tropical vacation   History | Weather Underground h/t to Joe D’Aleo

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Ohio Valley Summer Temperatures Have Been Plummeting For 80 years

The geniuses in the global warming community tell us that the US heatwave of 2012 is due to the background of a warming climate. July of 2009 was the coldest on record in the Ohio Valley, and July temperatures have been plummeting … Continue reading

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Flashback : “Hurricane” Irene At Landfall Was Barely A Tropical Storm

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Obama’s New Campaign Strategy

Last month Obama took the brilliant strategy of portraying Romney as a successful businessman who can make hard choices. This month he is portraying Romney as someone who uses his money wisely, rather than voluntarily providing extra money for Obama to steal.

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Cheer Up Alaska – Palm Trees Coming Soon

Anchorage may be having their coldest summer on record, but palm trees will soon be growing in the Arctic. (Clever reporter doesn’t know the difference between the Arctic and the Antarctic) Global Warming Could Lead To Palm Trees In The Arctic – … Continue reading

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Snow Is A Thing Of The Past In New Zealand

  Snow dumps at New Zealand ski resorts | The Australian

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Joe Bastardi Exposes The True Climate Deniers

Guest post by Joe Bastardi ——————————————————————————————- One can only marvel at the continued denial  of agw proponents  of the  summers after the pdo flip   and the first el nino that followed. In the  50s,  that was 1951 a cold summer,  … Continue reading

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