New Evidence That The Emperor Did Have Clothing

For centuries it was believed that the Emperor had no clothing, but new research indicates that this was based on the testimony of one small child, who had no background in textiles or even retail clothing sales. He also had no formal education in clothing and had never published anything about fashion in a peer reviewed journal.

Furthermore, it has been discovered that more than 97% of the experts at the time agreed that the emperor had clothing. We can therefor safely conclude that the emperor was well clothed, and that the child was not competent to discuss his wardrobe.

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22 Responses to New Evidence That The Emperor Did Have Clothing

  1. Nonetheless Steve you don’t have a Phd in Climatology which means you have no right to question the statements made by trolls in the comment threads of your postings. 😆

    • miked1947 says:

      Do the trolls have the qualifications necessary to question Steven’s observations?

    • Eric Simpson says:

      Also, speaking of “Climatology,” here is my jnova comment I just made:
      Around 1990 a huge amount of politically driven funds were being funneled into fields supporting the global warming hypothesis. Further, arguably nearly all of the post 1990 climatologists did not get accepted to their programs without agreeing with the trumped up “science” of the fear-mongering Chicken Littles. In this sense, these post 1990 vintage climatologists, because of this preordained bias, by and large lack credibility on the subject of… climate. Seriously. And here’s a good comment from the dailymail:
      – Chrome from San Francisco [said] “It is funny how every story supposedly challenging climate change has an “expert” who isn’t a climatologist. In this case it is a guy with no quoted credentials from a geography department. Why anyone would think an unknown geographer is credible on climate change I have no idea.”
      Yes but you see until recently there wasn’t a science called “climatology”, there were meteorologists, physicists, geographers etc. Then along come a load of activists calling themselves climatologists and bingo – no one else has a right to comment. Argumentum ad verecundiam at its finest.
      Hi Mike!

      • I found it amusing too when a troll here recently complained that Steve didn’t have a
        “degree in climatology.” Until fairly recently no such degrees existed and my understanding is that they are still rare. You could, though, have a degree in physics, geology, meteorology, etc.

    • Trip says:

      I didn’t think anyone here has the impression that Mr Goddard needs credentials. While I may not be a pimp, I still won’t accept some liar calling my sister a whore.

    • Marian says:

      Yeah Will,

      AGW/CC believing alarmists often throw that one in. No Phd in Climatology. And we all know some of those great Icon’s of CO2 AGW/CC Alarmist don’t have a Phd in Climatology either. So we won’t bother listening to them either. Some of them have less qualifications than the ‘evil’ denier skeptics with Phds in various fields. 🙂


  2. gofer says:

    Catastrologist, Calamatologist, Confusotologist, Corruptologist, specializing in weather in 100 years. They don’t have any idea beyond “it’s going to be bad.” Leftist sociologists, economists, actors, radio and tv hosts, politicians, astronomers, researchers in any field, college professors, and 11 year olds are all considered climate experts when needed.

  3. Absolutely Brilliant!!!!!!!

  4. Willis Eschenbach says:

    Nicely done, Steven.


  5. Bob says:

    What did the child do after being exposed as a denier?

  6. Hi Steven
    Can I reproduce this with attribution and a link?

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