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Driving Sucks

I have only put gas in my car once this summer, and then only because my $1.50 per gallon Safeway fuel rewards were about to expire. Normally I ride my bicycle everywhere. I just had to drive across town to … Continue reading

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The Four Stages Of Hansenization

I have this delusion that I have critical information needed to save the planet It isn’t happening, but it will later. I have to stretch the truth, to avoid losing momentum. It isn’t going to happen, but I have gotten used to … Continue reading

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PIOMAS Now Showing An Ice Free July By 2016

They are showing that ice volume is 50% of 2008 – the year when Serreze forcast an ice-free North Pole, because the ice was so thin. PIOMAS.vol.daily.1979.2012.Current.v2.dat.gz (Version 2.0) Even more bizarre is that they show the average thickness (volume … Continue reading

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PIOMAS Continues To Paint Themselves Into A Corner

PIOMAS already shows an ice free Arctic occurring in three years. How are they going to pull themselves out of their death spiral when nothing changes?

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Disturbing Imagery Of The Extreme Drought In Fort Collins, Colorado

I’m just back from a bike ride up in the mountains and took a couple of pictures along the way.  Fort Collins is listed by the US Drought Monitor as being on the border between severe and extreme drought. The picture … Continue reading

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One Of The Dumbest Global Warming Mythologies

A favorite idiotic claim of warmists is that it is too cold to snow in Antarctica Heavy snow occurs at frontal boundaries, where cold air collides with warmer humid air. The colder the air, the more snow is going to … Continue reading

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1908 Hurricane Hit The US In May

Hurricane Two Category 1 hurricane This hurricane hit the U.S. in May, causing minor effects. It was one of only 3 May hurricanes during the 20th century in the Atlantic Basin; the others were Able in 1951 and Alma in … Continue reading

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