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NOAA’s Martin Hoerling Comments On James Hansen

The Hansen piece is policy more than it is science, to be sure, and one can read it for the former. But facts should, and do, matter to some. The vision of a Midwest Dustbowl is a scary one, and … Continue reading

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Hansen Lies To The Washington Post

The hockey team is getting bolder and bolder with their lies. None more than the director of GISS. Climate change is here — and worse than we thought By James E. Hansen, Friday, August 3, 5:52 PM When I testified before the … Continue reading

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June 1892 : Thousands Dead In Indian Ocean Hurricane


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NOAA Massive Fail On Hurricanes

  Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory – Global Warming and Hurricanes Figures It has been seven years since a major hurricane hit the US, the longest such period in US history.

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2008 : Obama Announces His Plan To Make Residential Electricity Costs Skyrocket

My plan makes electricity costs skyrocket …… they will pass that cost on to consumers Because he cares about the little people.

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2008 : Obama Lied About Being On The Senate Banking Committee

It is bad enough that he lies while he is in the 58 states, but overseas?

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4-8 Inches Of Extreme Drought This Week In Colorado

Much of the state got 25-35% of the normal annual rainfall this week, and is listed by the the (always honest) US Government as being under extreme drought. Intellicast – Weekly Precipitation in United States US Drought Monitor

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