The Four Stages Of Hansenization

  1. I have this delusion that I have critical information needed to save the planet
  2. It isn’t happening, but it will later. I have to stretch the truth, to avoid losing momentum.
  3. It isn’t going to happen, but I have gotten used to lying constantly, and can’t admit that I was wrong


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5 Responses to The Four Stages Of Hansenization

  1. A paper he wrote recently that argued that the climate could ‘seem’ stable for 99 years then fall off the tipping point suddenly is where he completely lost me. (Ok I exaggerate but I’m not sure what is more disturbing… his departure from the scientific method or the fact that he wrote such crap because he knows there is an audience for it.)

  2. Sundance says:


  3. Brian G Valentine says:

    Here he is, doing his Rosa Parks impersonation.

    I would guess he would be a little more sheepish if he was perp walked out of his building for abuse of his office – material gain for his Government position.

    Bust a coupla’ phone calls to the right people would fix that situation pretty quick, wouldn’t it, Jim.

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