1979 – The Coldest Year In The US Since The 1920s

Similar story in Greenland. Temperatures bottomed right when satellites went up, making satellite data extremely misleading.


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14 Responses to 1979 – The Coldest Year In The US Since The 1920s

  1. gator69 says:

    So, satellites cause global warming? It is our fault after all!

  2. WOT says:

    Uh, the US is only 2% of the entire surface of the Earth. 1979 was an anomaly. Do you know why?

  3. gator69 says:

    “1979 was an anomaly.”

    No it wasn’t. It was part of a cycle. Natural variability, and UHI denier.

  4. WOT says:

    “No it wasn’t. It was part of a cycle. Natural variability, and UHI denier.”
    It was an anomaly due to a particularly persistent pattern in the US. If it sticks out like a sore thumb, it’s an anomaly. Natural variability is more of a trend, and not cherry-picking data.

    • gator69 says:

      “If it sticks out like a sore thumb, it’s an anomaly.”

      How old is the Earth?

      “Natural variability is more of a trend…”

      No it is not. No wonder you are so very, very confused.

  5. WOT says:

    “How old is the Earth?”
    When we look at ice core records over 600,000+ years, we see trends more than anomalies. Over long periods of time, the anomalies are just that, and don’t count towards very much in the long run.

  6. WOT says:

    “Ice core records show 12C swings in temperature which dwarf Mann’s hockey stick. WTF are you talking about? ”
    Another red herring. Both natural climate changes and man-made climate changes can exist. One does not mutually exclude the other.

    Such a basic flawed argument out of you – I expected better. I don’t think even Anthony Watts resorts to that.

  7. Andy DC says:

    From 1930-1980 temperatures fell. From 1980-1998, temps rose. From 1998 to present, temps are flat. CO2 has been rising since 1930. Can anyone be so kind to explain what profound conclusions of catastrophic warming can be reached with those facts?

  8. pete melov says:

    Its all about the Sun, you know that giant ball of energy in th sky, 400 times of the Earth, as we orbit kind of ”around” its momentus size as it brings life to all on this planet,[and our ”Solar System”] as its CME’S eject energy and Solar winds brush the Earth in variances that suttly change the Earth energy balance…

    And people talk about the Earth..doing all this?..all that is happenening is the same thing that has always ..happened..reaction..to reaction..

    Simple!..the Sun absorbs charged particles,[energy] when it has consumed to much energy[different amounts, like us eating to much], it expels, more or less..in energy..electrons..etc..
    The Earth reacts in cycles of Reaction..not cycles of systems..the Earth is an organism that responds. like us to other, organisms..[other planets, other Solar systems]
    In case you have not noticed..why are we still here? if the Sun is just a massive ball of uncontrolled ..energy??..mmmm?
    Do you think things just happen?..Do you think the Earth is just a big ball of flukes..or conscious happennings like our bodies?
    If the the Sun is a fluke happenning for billions of years, what are the chances of US being here?..mmm?..answer..none!

    Our massive ego’s pontificating about this and that, and why and how,is just ridiculous it is almost insanity..When a massive ball of fire, stares down at us all day, lights the Moon, lights the ENTIRE, Earth..all day every day for millenia, and we try to figure out how we are causing change on the Planet..?..
    As George Carlin says ” The Earth isnt going anywhere, we are”

    We really have to get on the program like all the precceding cultures did[thats all of them]..and start looking at the Sun as the only true barometer..to how we survive..

    And its time to give the Sun its credit..consciousness..its really is alot more than we realise, thats why it has been so successful, in keeping us..alive..all this time..

    Flukes dont happen for billions of years, consciousness..does..

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