Let Kids Adjust Their Own Report Cards

Teachers often make subjective errors in assigning grades, due to things like time of bed bias and urban road rage effects. We all have been treated unfairly by teachers at one time or other, and it seems only fair to allow kids to adjust the raw grade data to more accurately reflect their true standing.

That way, kids can achieve the necessary grades to obtain their long-term objectives. Even if they don’t know jack shit about anything.

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3 Responses to Let Kids Adjust Their Own Report Cards

  1. lance says:

    Alberta teacher(30+ years experience) gave a zero on a report card to a student this spring, because the student didn’t hand in his assignments…..the teacher was suspended…Alberta rules you cannot give a zero….go figure…Lets give him an A..why not?

    It goes to show we cannot hurt the students feelings, or their self esteem….might affect them for life….

    makes me just shake my head in disbelieve…

  2. leftinbrooklyn says:

    I bet I would’ve passed Algebra that way….

  3. Andy DC says:

    I had a friend who would adjust his golf scores for birds distracting him or not wanting to hit out of a hazard that he thought wasn’t fair. Funny thing is that we used to call that cheating. Now it is called science.

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