Smoking Something In Flagstaff And Boulder

From Northern Arizona University via the NSIDC website

30 July 2012

A new scientific study indicates the turn-of-the-century drought in the North American West was the worst of the last millennium—with major impacts to the carbon cycle and hints of even drier times ahead.

The study, titled “Reduction in carbon uptake during turn of the century drought in western North America,” indicates that the major drought that struck western North America from 2000 to 2004 severely reduced carbon uptake and stressed the region’s water resources, with significant declines in river flows and crop yields. It was published on July 29 in Nature-Geoscience. NSIDC scientist Kevin Schaefer is a co-author on the study, along with Christopher Williams of Clark University. The study was led by Christopher Schwalm of Northern Arizona University (NAU).

Researchers found that the turn-of-the-century drought was the most severe region-wide event of its kind since the last mega drought 800 years ago. “The turn-of-the-century drought may be the wetter end of a new climatology that would make the 21st century climate like mega-droughts of the last millennium,” said Schwalm.

NSIDC Press Room

New facts from academia!  Eight hundred years is a millennium, and a four year drought is as bad as the 75 year drought which wiped out the Anasazi in the 13th century.

The Arizona megadrought has brought 200% of normal precipitation this summer.

60dPNormWRCC.png (688×531)

It is the La Nina, stu*id.

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4 Responses to Smoking Something In Flagstaff And Boulder

  1. Eric Webb says:

    Exactly Steve!! Now with an el nino, precipitation increased, amazing how ENSO works. Of course Don Gaddes thinks otherwise.

  2. Andy DC says:

    Until the last year or so, there was very little drought. Some drought is alway inevitable. These people are morons. Or at the least preying on morons, even if they know better themselves.

  3. Traitor In Chief says:

    If there was a severe decline in water resources resulting from this major drought, what’s all that stuff in Lake Powell? Lizard Urine, perhaps?

    This study concluded that which can be easily disproved with a simple examination of the Palmer Index records? It’s pathetic what masquerades as science today. I should send in a $20 for a couple of Climate Science Phd’s and set up shop.

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