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USHCN Breaks The 3 Degree Olympic Record!

USHCN has released their end of July temperatures data again, this time without 2008-2012 missing. The graph below shows the difference between their reported and measured annual data. They are now upwards adjusting 2012 by a world and olympic record … Continue reading

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Heatwave Center Was Sixth Hottest On Record

Missouri was the most anomalously hot state in July, yet measured maximum temperatures were only sixth hottest on record – five degrees cooler than 1934.  

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Arkansas July Maximum Temperatures Were 15th Hottest On Record

Arkansas was ground zero for the July 2012 “record” heatwave, yet high temperatures were only the 15th hottest. NOAA’s claim that July was the hottest on record in the US is based on tampered data and is simply not true. … Continue reading

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Oklahoma July Maximum Temperatures Were 11th Hottest On Record

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Nebraska July Maximum Temperatures Were Eighth Hottest On Record

July maximum temperatures averaged six degrees cooler than July, 1936 in Nebraska

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NCDC Tampers With July Data For Global Warming Propaganda Purposes

July average tops U.S. temperature record, NOAA says The July heat wave that wilted crops, shriveled rivers and fueled wildfires officially went into the books Wednesday as the hottest single month on record for the continental United States. The average … Continue reading

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Ice Free Arctic By August 15

Looks like Zwally was right!  All of the ice will be gone in about a week. COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

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