Latest Ad From The Mathematically Challenged Crook In The White House

Did Obama burn his brain out on cocaine in college?

There are three million millionaires in the US. In order to raise $4 trillion, he would have to  take $1.3 million from each millionaire. Tax rates over 100% might not be considered sound policy, unless he wants to drive unemployment up over 80%.

Besides which, the deficit is $1.1 trillion. How can you lower it by $4 trillion?

Whatever he was doing in college did not involve math or economics. Apparently he majored in Trotsky emulation.

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56 Responses to Latest Ad From The Mathematically Challenged Crook In The White House

  1. johnmcguire says:

    obama has never had to work for a living in his life . That alone explains his jealousy toward the millionaires who have used their brains and hard work to achieve success . I know several millionaires and they all worked and perservered to earn what they have . Those in government haven’t a clue of what it takes to earn millions . Yet they want to take the wealth honestly achieved by others and give it to those either too dumb or lazy or both dumb and lazy in order to buy votes . If they succeed in destroying the millionaires they will also achieve the goal of destroying what is left of america . So go ahead you commie , fascist , marxist , america hating scum , you have been doing your best to ruin this country and if the majority really does support that then I guess this country will get what it deserves . The new world order , ain’t it great .

    • Ed Darrell says:

      No, without a father and with no mother, Obama never had to bust his butt to get a scholarship to get to college. He never had to fight to get funding for a non-profit to help out the poor, taking it from nothing to a $500,000/year effective organization in two years. He never had to fight his way into Harvard and win election to lead the best legal journal on Earth. He never had to meet a publisher’s deadline while doing his day job . . .

      Oh, wait. We’re we talking Mitt Romney, or Barack Obama?

      • LLAP says:

        See video below (eat the rich) …

      • I take it you support a 130% tax rate.

      • How’s Lake Powell getting on, Ed?

        Don’t bother checking, it’s at its highest level at this time of year for at least 10 yrs and within 1 foot of its long term average.

      • without a father and with no mother, Obama

        That’s right, Obama fell from the sky, fully formed, just like it says on, right Ed, old buddy?

        Other accomplishments:

        Obama closed Club Gitmo within 6 months.
        Obama stopped the morally troubling practice of drone strikes.
        Obama didn’t meddle in Libya, Egypt, Syria . . .

      • Ed Darrell says:

        Steve, as usual, your fiction doesn’t come close to reality. Mark Twain offered advice on writing, and said to stick to the real stuff — fiction has to stick to the possibilities, and reality doesn’t. There’s a lesson in there for you.

      • Ed Darrell says:

        Paul, Lake Powell still sits in the middle of a drought-stricken land, with levels below “full” because drought demands the water downstream. Upstream, the land that offered the bountiful runoffs last year, is wracked by drought by all rational measures (Goddard Standard Dryness apparently being a measure of a martini, and not of anything on land).

        In the meantime, the drought nationally has expanded. We had some relief around Dallas earlier this year, but it was a tease, offering false hope. Drought is hammering cattle operations across the nation. Last week President Obama declared 220 more counties part of the drought disaster, but there’s little available for aid for the people there.

        Why? Did your newspaper go out of business? Bob Dylan’s weatherman not on TV at your place?

        See Lake Powell drought conditions here:
        Mississippi River drying up a bit, causing trouble:
        Most of the U.S. is at least “abnormally dry,” though Mr. Goddard dismisses the measurements from this agency in other posts:;jsessionid=D3BFC4411D349410C122E329A02BCE1F

        Say a prayer for the ranchers and dry farmers.

      • Traitor In Chief says:

        Who says he fought his way into Harvard? And that legal journal election? His own classmates (who like him) said he didn’t win it on merit. They were told that year that the Law Review head must be chosen out of “fairness” rather than accomplishment.

        Being a student with excellent grades, I LOVE to show my records to anyone who will bother to look. But uhm, Barry? No, he’s hiding his transcripts. I used my GPA to get scholarships.

        Doesn’t look like Barry did this with academic excellence.

        So, Just how did Barry “Bust his Butt” to pay his tuition? By turning tricks with Larry Sinclair?

  2. I have seen a TV ad, in recent weeks, that states the projected revenue from this source as $4 trillion over ten years, not one year (in which case, the ad is “merely” wrong–I’m sure a Left-wing pundit in the mainstream media would say, although like you I don’t forgive such an error so easily–in calling it a “deficit” reduction, which indicates a yearly revenue, instead of, say, a “national debt” reduction). And the dedicated, eternal arguers would say a millionaire has at LEAST a million dollars, so if the average is $2 million then the tax rate would not be over 100% (and then his opposite number in the timeless debate over this ad would remind him that you don’t tax what a man HAS, you tax what he EARNS each year–and by that time, the mathematics has disintegrated, in most people’s minds, into various ill-informed versions of the projected “reality”, and gotten beyond most people’s desire to follow it). And then those who can’t stand listening to people fight will say, basically, “tra la la, this is so silly, and I have better things to worry about”. And so the whole, unsatisfying stew of diametrically opposed opinions is made, once again, to everyone’s annoyance (and the ad maker’s relief). In ancient days, as Sir James Frazer so minutely documented in “The Golden Bough”, they simply killed the old king and installed a new one; it is around this time in each presidential election cycle that some inevitably hark back to (and with nostalgic regret over the loss of) the “good old days”, when such things were not only possible, but politically correct. I hasten to add, I am not one of them.

  3. DEEBEE says:

    I think it is a conflation of what Bush Tax cuts “cost” over 10 years (about 4 Trills) and rich folks talk cut cancellation, which would actually be about 900 Billion. HE dare not touch the remaining 3.1 TRills that goes to people who will get mad at him and vote against him. He is counting on the docile press and generally ignorant folks whose heads hurt at contemplating numbers.

    • Traitor In Chief says:

      The tax decreases during the Bush years actually resulted in record revenues for the Treasury.

      Higher rates don’t necessarily translate into higher revenues. Thomas Sowell explains:

      In our current system, Corporate Federal Tax rates are 35% I believe (Now the highest among developed nations, after Japan’s recent decrease -if memory serves) This article from Bloomberg shows how this causes wealth creation to be declared in places where taxation is lower, and that money is often not repatriated to the USA, nor is it then available for investment and job creation here.

      We should lower the Corporate tax rate to 18% or even less, offer Federal Land for lease for $1/yr in 40 yr increments, and offer streamlined Environmental Regs for new development. We should also allow repatriation of Capital without penalty. This would cause a giant sucking sound, as wealth from around the world would be re-allocated (into the US) according to Risk/Reward models, delivering vast sums of investment capital, and extensive plans for new development.

      The tax table for individuals is often noted as the same one used for small business. A 3% increase in confiscation results in that much less for investment in the economy the following year. Within a mere few years, a lower effective tax rate can increase the pool of private capital to the point that the lower tax rate begins yielding a higher return, due to the larger pool of capital, even without considering the adjustment in tax avoidance noted in the Bloomberg article.

      • Traitor In Chief says:

        I should note that the Repatriation of Capital may need to be a one time arrangement, and a scheme such as I mentioned would need to close other loopholes, such as those which allow Google the structure they use today, or we would simply get even less money from them…. until we went to a tax rate lower than Ireland….. which I think should also be on the table.

  4. robertvdl says:

    something gone wrong

  5. Would he like to tell us why he did none of this during the last 4 yrs, particularly the first 2 when he had a majority in Congress?

  6. LLAP says:

    This puts “eat the rich” into perspective:

  7. kirkmyers says:

    Punishing the productive members of society, ergo, the rich, is always the favorite solution of collectivists (i.e. Marxists, socialists, fascists). “Fairness” in the collectivist mind always involves the forced expropriation of wealth from affluent taxpayers and its redistribution to groups they deem to be worthy recipients (usually powerful voting blocks).

    If we as individuals were to engage in the same behavior, it would be called “stealing.”

    If our so-called leaders are truly interested in getting this country’s fiscal house in order, they can start by ending the foolish wars, slashing military spending, eliminating all foreign aid, and doing away with entire departments, including the Department of Education, Department of Commerce, the Department of Homeland Security, the TSA and the Small Business Administration. And that’s just for starters.

    • Ed Darrell says:

      Punishing the working people who make the rich people rich is also rather silly (i.e., Marie Antoinette, King John, Caligula, Kim-Il Alluvem). What possible good could come from cancelling the infinitesimal sums we distribute as foreign aid? Why in the world would a free market-fancying nation kill its Commerce Department (are you nuts?)? With Commerce gone and only the lobbyists for GE, Microsoft, Exxon-Mobil and other giants on the prowl, why would we kill the Small Business Administration? Why do you hate American free marketry so?

    • Ed Darrell says:

      I only support 130% tax rates until I get the letter from your wife that you’ve stopped beating the dog. We’ve been trying to get your attention, and this seems to be the only way.

  8. Ed Darrell says:

    That’s right, Obama fell from the sky, fully formed, just like it says on, right Ed, old buddy?

    No, his parents died. This is pretty well documented.

    Forget your manners today?

  9. Andy DC says:

    Didn’t the country function pretty well in the 1950’s and 1960’s (with very little debt) when we had a much more progressive tax sytem? I don’t recall any millionaires or billionaires suffering thru hard times.

    • You mean when houses cost $10,000 and a dollar was worth 20X as much as it does now?

      • Andy DC says:

        The Democrats have their free candy (let Govermnent take care of you). The Republicans have their free candy (cut taxes and everything wil be wonderful). Both have had a pretty equal crack at governing the last 20 years. The net result of all the free candy is ruinous debt. Both parties are living in a fantasy world.

    • Ed Darrell says:

      Andy DC, no we didn’t function without debt in the 1950s and 1960s. Our parents and grandparents, “the Greatest Generation,” borrowed to the heavens to fund the Marshall Plan to rebuild our enemies and allies, to fund the GI Bill which was simultaneously the greatest aid to education scheme ever invented, and the largest public aid to housing project in the history of the world. They borrowed to fund an interstate highway program. They borrowed to institute hot lunches for all kids at public schools. They borrowed to build the greatest arsenal in the world, to make our science the best in the world, to make our schools rigorous and good, and they borrowed to do maybe silly things like put a man on the Moon. They were in debt much more than we are now, as a nation, in our government. In the doing, they created a record number of millionaires and a few billionaires, people who accumulated vast fortunes despite being taxed three times as heavily as now (up to 90% marginal rates).

      America grew great by borrowing way beyond our means, according to the austerity fans.

      If we go back to the ’50s, lets emphasize that part where we borrowed as much as we possibly could, in order to make a great America, greater, for our children and grandchildren. Those patriots knew what they were doing.

  10. tckev says:

    He is using the politics of envy. Unfortunately this is the preferred flavor of the day.

  11. Eric Webb says:

    “Did Obama burn out his brain in college?” I don’t know about that, but he sure is burning out the patience of America, many of whom hoped for “Hope and Change” and all they got was more debt, more regulations, more bankruptcies, more taxes (Obamacare), and more of the same old lies and broken promises that Obama has been telling since day one.

  12. NoMoreGore says:

    Dear Ed,

    Obama’s transcripts ARE the record. No Transcripts, no record. Harvard is now like the Nobel Prize: All hat and no cattle. Same with the NYT – a pathetic empty shell of its former self.

    Only in a place like Harvard is a white woman accepted as a native cherokee, offering French recipes for publication in a Native American cookbook. And even this appeared to be a scam:

    Spectator has a good story on tax rates and more lies from the communist in chief.

  13. Ed Darrell says:
    August 9, 2012 at 9:33 am

    I’ll let you find sex on your own, thank you.

    The stupid just oozes everywhere each time you try to post, “Ed Darrell”.

    Your precious liar can’t string two sentences together, much like you. I hope you enjoy that OFA money.

    • Me says:

      He probably posted that here on his brand newly recycled Obamaphone! 😆

      • Ed Darrell says:

        Reagan phone. You guys try to give all the good credit to Obama. Pin the credit where it belongs, eh?

        • Why would anyone in their right mind support Obama? (other than being on the government payola)

        • Ed Darrell says:

          Love of country. Concern for the continuation of the great American experiment in republican democracy. A wish to end the recession. A lack of hatred for women. A love of humanity. A wish that America might join the rest of the industrialized world with a well-working, affordable health care system. The Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. Gratitude for the prevention of genocidal killing of 200,000 Libyans. Gratitude for his role in the changing of governments in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and other places. Because one understands supply and demand economics. . . .

          There are dozens, hundreds of good reasons.

          Why do you hate America so?

      • Hugh K says:

        I’ll tell you why Steven hates America if you tell us why you beat your partner.

        I’m glad you enjoyed the Arab spring. Careful what you wish for…the Arab fall is a bitch. I understand it took our FBI 3 long weeks to book accomodations to visit the consulate in Benghazi.

      • Hugh K says:

        Ah yes, I remember the Reagan phone. It came in a big brief-case with a portable antenna. Oh, you must be referring to the land line for emergency use only. My has that government program grown since then. If you liked that, you’re gonna’ love Obamacare.

  14. rocknblues81 says:

    Not matter if you are a Romney supporter or not, Obama has not been a good President.

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