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Latest Ad From The Mathematically Challenged Crook In The White House

Did Obama burn his brain out on cocaine in college? There are three million millionaires in the US. In order to raise $4 trillion, he would have to  take $1.3 million from each millionaire. Tax rates over 100% might not … Continue reading

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1975 : Newsweek Explained How Global Cooling Causes Extreme Droughts, Floods, Dry Spells And Heatwaves

Meteorologists think that they can forecast the short-term results of the return to the norm of the last century. They begin by noting the slight drop in overall temperature that produces large numbers of pressure centers in the upper atmosphere. … Continue reading

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USHCN Madness In Ohio

USHCN makes a huge TOBS adjustment in Ohio between 1979 and 1988, as seen below. The justification for this is that they claim people in Ohio switched from reading temperatures in the afternoon, to reading them in the morning. That would theoretically push … Continue reading

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