USHCN Breaks The 3 Degree Olympic Record!

USHCN has released their end of July temperatures data again, this time without 2008-2012 missing.

The graph below shows the difference between their reported and measured annual data. They are now upwards adjusting 2012 by a world and olympic record 3.13 degrees. This is similar to beating the four minute mile for the first time.

And to make it even more exciting, they have been upwards adjusting later dates relative to earlier dates for 1404 months in  a row. The odds against that happening through legitimate science are an astonishing 2^1404 to one.


Anyone who believes that the adjustments shown above are honest objective science, should go purchase the Brooklyn Bridge immediately.

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5 Responses to USHCN Breaks The 3 Degree Olympic Record!

  1. Joe Friday says:

    Steven, why do most of these graphs all have a outline of a Hockey Stick? Is it part of the cool the past to warm the present.

  2. Dave N says:

    Another hockey stick!

  3. Andy DC says:

    I first realized the whole AGW matter was a scam when every run of the mill month was “hottest top ten ever” and every run of the mill year was at or near “hottest ever”. Now that we have actually had a bit of heat, they have totally gone off the deep end.

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