How Does This Madness End?

USHCN is increasing their upwards adjustments exponentially every year. They have no checks and balances, and will continue to cheat at a faster and faster rate for as long as they can get away with it.

There is not even any theoretical basis for what they are doing since 1990. They do it because they know they can.

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7 Responses to How Does This Madness End?

  1. How will it end? My conclusion:

    If politicians and world leaders are still unwilling or unable to respect >“truth, reality, God” above all else, and to serve rather than to rule, the public:

    a.) To get “right-sized”

    b.) To respect and promote “Reality, God, Truth”

    Then the US Declaration of Independence grants us the right

    c.) “To alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government . . .”

    That is The Bottom Line.

    With kind regards,
    Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

    • Guilt-ridden scientists and world leaders in the fall of 1945 converted government science into:

      The search for evidence to confirm government-approved models of reality, instead of

      The search for new ways to make unbiased observations on reality and improve models.

      Society has been successively moving away from “truth, reality, God” into the “dark abyss of insanity” since 1945.

      Many of society’s best minds – scientists and religious leaders – are today suffering from addictions, dismay, confusion, depression, and hopelessness.

      This madness may end in violent disaster for all is we fail to escape back to sanity.

      With kind regards,
      Oliver K. Manuel
      Former NASA principal
      Investigator for Apollo

  2. Doug Proctor says:

    If I was seen talking for a moment with a hooker, my marriage would be over. These guys can stagger home reeking of perfume with a receipt from Hooker Escorts Services in their pocket, and their wives would be in trouble.

    The adjustments are so unidirectional, and so easily demonstrated to be unidirectional, and their own dual datasets show such significant different end results when polled, you’d think it would be easy to put them into disrepute. You would think that Inhofe would be able simply to read into the Congressional records the graphs of data adjustments over time and the smell would be too bad to disguise. Clearly our thoughts are missing something.

    In my life I have found at a 100% level that if a thing seems off, it is off: there is something that we are not being told because it will make the power-holders look bad. I second-guessed myself for years, thinking either I was stupid or “they” were crazy, but I was missing the point. They are not crazy, just wilfully misleading.

    Out of all of this strangeness, the most peculiar is that there is no sound from the lower levels, the actual workers. Skeptics don’t seem to have any connection to the grunts who pull the stuff together that their bosses foist on the press. This is the one thing that concerns me about my beliefs against CAGW. Despite my own work that convinces me CAGW is a false narrative, I am uneasy because no current worker has become a whistleblower or, more easily imagined, no recent retiree has unmasked the villainry. Even in New Zealand, where they punted Salinger (though his ways live on), there been no insiders standing up. Treadgold and the Coalition have been at NIWA without internal help.

    Does this not bother anyone else?

    • Richard T. Fowler says:

      Don’t be bothered by this, Doug. The way I see it, climate issues are just the tip of a massive conspiracy iceberg, which virtually all of the team players are very aware of. At the top, there is not democracy, but dictatorship. Those on the inside,who might otherwise be inclined to blow the whistle in times past, are aware that this will not be tolerated this time. So in my humble opinion, one cannot apply the standards of the past for how human beings would behave under such circumstances.

      Other than that, I agree wholeheartedly with your entire comment, and strongly endorse it. Very well stated!


      • These people have no useful skills. Whistleblowing would be suicide.

      • omanuel says:

        “Whistleblowing would be suicide.”

        On the other hand, Steven, I cannot respect “truth, reality, God, above all else,” . . . if those are secondary to my own self-interest.

        I was 73 years old in Nov 2009 and watched the incredible responses of world leaders and leaders of the scientific community to Climategate emails and documents for almost a year before finally deciding on 1 Aug 2010 that I absolutely had to speak out when I realized that:

        Modern Society Is Like a Flock of Sheep without a Shepherd, Led to
        Slaughter by Post-Modern Science Following a Trail of Public Funds

        My research advisor, Dr. Kazuo Kuroda, probably saw this coming from the end of the Second World War in 1945:

        Click to access PKKAutobiography.pdf

        I witnessed evidence of deception and a looming social disaster after starting research in 1960, but I could not figure out the basic problem until witnessing the strange responses of world leaders and leaders of the scientific community to documented evidence of fraud in government science after Nov 2009:

  3. Today’s news report shows images of the reality that triggered ” madness” sixty-seven years ago, when Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed by “nuclear fires” in Aug 1945, (2012 – 1945 = 67 yrs)

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