Interesting Goings On In The Arctic

Much of the ice pack is already covered with fresh snow.


A significant amount of ice is surviving the summer near the Bering Strait. This is the first time that has happened in several years.


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9 Responses to Interesting Goings On In The Arctic

  1. You call the ice flakes of first image an ice pack? Well, some euphemisms intend to amuse, lol.

  2. Ben says:

    Click the image. “Flake” is not the term I would apply to the miles wide ice, but perhaps it applies to those who pay no attention to the scale in the bottom left of the image.

  3. Tony Duncan says:

    So as we head to a possible new minimum ice extent you pin your fading hopes on a piece of the ice cap that actually has separated from the main core? . An unprecedented event in the satellite record? Of course I should no longer be surprised at your inventive ways of clutching at straws. Or are you referring to the small bits and pieces that are floating around Alaska and the Canadian archipelago? We are just at August 10th and already the entire circumference of the arctic ocean is completely navigable.
    Steve PLEASE show us ANY historical record that has anyone circumnavigating around the arctic before 2005 (in one summer. Don’t want you cheating on this one. Oh and not an ice breaker or submarine). SURELY in 1936 ESSO was drilling for oil in the tropical heat up there then, since it was so much warmer then than now.
    tell you what Steve I will bet you that $1,000 that this years minimum is less than my initial prediction of 4.9 mil KM2. of course my initial offer is still open at absolutely no risk to you. You get to keep the $20 no matter what. And you get it RIGHT now, no waiting to find out.
    Surely with the new snow and that cold front that moved in last week that you talked about, and your little red dot, and the fact that ice extent was NORMAL in March it couldn’t POSSIBLY go below 5.0 Mil KM2. I will EVEN give you even odds. That is over FIVE THOUSAND manhattan’s that would have to melt in a month. There you go Steve, a $1,000 sure thing.

    • Are you ready to bet $1000 on a record minimum, Tony?

    • Tony Duncan says:

      is everyone else just too embarrassed to tell Steve that he is unable to comprehend my comments? STEVE READ MY POST. I just offered you a bet that is a sure thing for you based on your arctic ice coverage from march until today. A SURE thing. Money in the bank.
      Or are you telling me you are too scared to bet that the extent decrease will continue long enough to melt over FIVE THOUSAND Manhattan’s?

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