NASA Experiences Extreme Integrity Meltdown

Satellite images analyzed by NASA revealed that the icy surface of Greenland has melted more this month than at any time in the history of its observation from space. Almost the entire ice sheet experienced some sort of melting at its surface in recent weeks.

NASA: Greenland experienced major meltdown this month 

A couple of hours just above the freezing mark, isn’t a major meltdown.


Temperatures have gotten higher numerous times in the last few decades. Apparently NASA just missed them.

groenland2.gif (734×484)

And even NASA admits that this happens about once every 150 years. This was a NASA honesty and integrity meltdown, not an ice meltdown.

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13 Responses to NASA Experiences Extreme Integrity Meltdown

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    Peter Gleick ‏@PeterGleick

    Arctic sea ice extent. 2007 was far below 1979-2000 (so was 2008-2011). 2012 is worse. Data from

  2. Steven, scientists at NASA and other federal agencies (DOE, EPA, NSF, ERDA, etc) are feeling the heat of an approaching election, . . .

    As the best efforts of world leaders, politicians and pet scientists fail to halt unfolding new evidence of fraudulent government science since 1945:

    Collectively our entire society is now rapidly approaching a breaking point.

    You asked, “How Does This Madness End?”

    Regretfully, this madness will likely end in violent disaster for all, . . .
    if we cannot soon escape back to sanity.

    With kind regards,
    Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA principal
    Investigator for Apollo

  3. Rick Pay says:

    A new spin on an old joke but I thought Steve might like this one:
    The angels in heaven wanted some recreation, and thus challenged hell to a soccer match. The devils quickly agreed. The angels, upon reflection said, “You know that you will lose, because we have the best players in heaven.”
    The devils replied, “No way, don’t forget that we are hosting all soccer officials here!”

  4. scizzorbill says:

    NASA must have it’s own in house Department of Propaganda. Probably members of the SpinMeisters Union.

  5. MFKBoulder says:

    You could have taken a look at the source of data which Steven is posting here.
    Even the DMI says on the 2010 (and the other older peaks): these data are unlikely to be correct: one value at 4.3°C and the hour before anf after below freezing. 2012 was definitely different.

    So do not blame the foolishness of NASA.

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