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Visualizing The Arctic Meltdown

Melt season length is getting sharply shorter. Since 2005, the Arctic melt season length has dropped by almost twenty days. http://www.ijis.iarc.uaf.edu/seaice/extent/plot.csv

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Why Are Idiots So Self Assured?

Harry Reid is an idiot Of course, if those skeptics had taken a stroll along the Potomac River on a 70-degree day this February, they would have seen cherry trees blossoming earlier than at any time since they were planted … Continue reading

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Illinois 30-40 Degrees Cooler Than 1936

Weather Forecast Chicago, IL | Chicago Weather | Wunderground Compare vs. August 18, 1936 ALEDO 106 ANNA 2 NNE 107 AURORA 100 CARLINVILLE 109 CHARLESTON 105 DANVILLE 104 DECATUR WTP 105 DIXON 1 NW 103 DU QUOIN 4 SE 109 … Continue reading

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Interesting Goings On In The Arctic

Much of the ice pack is already covered with fresh snow. //ARCTIC.IO/OBSERVATIONS/8/2012-08-08/7-N81.213551-W176.222925 A significant amount of ice is surviving the summer near the Bering Strait. This is the first time that has happened in several years. //ARCTIC.IO/OBSERVATIONS/8/2012-08-08/7-N71.739847-W170.728681

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Scientists : Cold Alaskan Weather Determines Our Future Climate

On average Alaska has warmed by about 4 degrees Fahrenheit over the last 150 years. There are widespread consequences such as melting glaciers and insect-devastated forest in response to this temerature change. Scientists say Alaska is like a canary in … Continue reading

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Party Is Over In The Arctic

The North Pole is freezing up for the winter.   9.jpg (1024×576) A big storm broke up the ice in the Chukchi Sea and got our friends all excited this week, but their fun is about to come to a … Continue reading

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Florida Hurricanes Occur Half As Frequently As They Used To

Hurricanes used to hit Florida about once a year. Now they average about one every other year. The current stretch of seven hurricane free years is the longest on record. http://www.aoml.noaa.gov/hrd/hurdat/ushurrlist18512009.txt

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How Does This Madness End?

USHCN is increasing their upwards adjustments exponentially every year. They have no checks and balances, and will continue to cheat at a faster and faster rate for as long as they can get away with it. There is not even … Continue reading

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Quantifying The Size Of The USHCN Adjustment Fraud

USHCN says that they tamper with data this much ts.ushcn_anom25_diffs_urb-raw_pg.gif (650×502) In reality, they do vastly more data tampering than they admit. The graph below overlays the graph above on the current final monthly minus raw. It gets worse though, the final … Continue reading

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Record Heat Fraud Ground Zero

Warrenton, Missouri is located right at the hottest of the hot in July, 2012 Average temperatures in Warrenton during July were six degrees cooler than 1901, 1934 and 1936, and almost one degree cooler than 1954. July 2012 wasn’t anywhere … Continue reading

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