Analyzing The Greenland Meltdown

NASA tells us that massive amounts of ice are melting on the Greenland ice sheet, and that a huge volume of ice water is pouring off into the sea, destroying bridges along the way.

All this freezing cold melt water must be raising sea levels very quickly, and making sea surface temperatures around Greenland very cold.

Only problem is, neither of these things are happening. Greenland is one of the few places on Earth where the water is anomalously warm. Obviously there isn’t a lot of ice or ice water pouring into the sea around Greenland.

sst_anom.gif (800×600)

As usual, NASA is full of bos taurus posterior waste product.

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3 Responses to Analyzing The Greenland Meltdown

  1. tomwys says:

    The brief “melting event” of last week actually serves to solidify (yes, make solid) the Greenland ice accumulation. Fresh snow, which falls yearround, sublimates to some extent back into the air. The dryer the air, the greater the chance for such direct transition to water vapor, skipping the water phase.

    As snow “firns up,” such sublimation becomes more difficult, and when granulation is complete and ice forms, very little transitions into water vapor.

    So the short melting and almost immediate re-freezing actually increases the amount of (frozen) moisture remaining on the Greenland IceCap.

    Of course, little Sea-Level rise will result!

  2. ES says:

    destroying bridges along the way?
    From: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    “There are 150 km (90 mi) of roads in the whole country; 60 km (40 mi) of the roads are paved. Two towns are connected by a 4.5 km road, Ivittuut and Kangilinnguit; the rest are isolated.”

    How many bridges would you have in 90 miles of roads?

  3. fridayjoefriday says:

    Has any one heard the idea that, Temperature changes are causing the CO2 changes and not the reverse. As oceans warm, they emit CO2, and as they cool they absorb it?
    Dr. Martin Hertzberg, a former forecasting and research meteorologist with the U.S. Navy also states, “it was then that I first learned what climatologists and meteorologists have known for centuries and what the current crop of so-called “climate scientists” and EPA administrators apparently never learned: that weather and climate are controlled by natural laws on an enormous scale that dwarfs human activity. Those laws engender forces and motions in our atmosphere and oceans that are beyond human control. Weather and climate existed long before humans appeared on Earth, and will continue to exist in the same way long after we are gone”.

    A short essay is over on

    I’d like to watch Joe Romm head after he’s read the book, Slaying the Sky Dragon, Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory”

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