The Satellite Temperature Record In 30 Seconds Or Less

Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

  1. Satellites went up during an unusually cold period at the end of the ice age scare.
  2. This was followed shortly thereafter by two large volcanic eruptions which dragged temperatures down.
  3. Two large El Ninos later pushed the right side up.
  4. There has been no warming for 15 years.
  5. According to Hansen, we should be well above 1C now.

In other words, nothing is happening to the global temperature and Hansen is incompetent.


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6 Responses to The Satellite Temperature Record In 30 Seconds Or Less

  1. There’s always a bump up after a ‘Super’ El Nino. A Super El Nino happened in 1998. The bump up in temperate from it is almost over now. Cooling is now at hand.

  2. tckev says:

    From the graph you can plainly see how the inexorable rise in CO2 over the years has affected the temperature.
    Or not!

  3. Andy DC says:

    The temperature went down between 1940 and 1979. It rose between 1983 and 1998. Flat ever since. So that is 15 years of warming during the last 72 years. CO2 has been rising the entire 72 years. Not very convincing evidence that CO2 is important.

  4. The real role of co2, is more likely to pospone the new iceage we are due to enter according to graphs of all known iceages…As the icemelt on the poles reaches alltime low for this cycle, the ocean circulation is likely to suffer dramatically or stop, little or no heat going to the poles from equator, little if any cold going from the poles towards equator…Leaving solar variability, milancovitch and chandler out of this, The Earth spinning, circling the Sun, beeing active, having water and gasproducing life and prosesses, seems perfectly capable of driving such cycles on its own even if the above menchened was static influences, and we are at the top end of heat on the historical graph right now, where iceage is the next step according to all historical data…Might be that the co2 levels would have been a bit lower presently withouth humans, but it is trivial at best in the long run, and might even be positive in prolonging the heat and posponing onset of the inevidable iceage….
    When iceage partially or full, occurs, greenhousegases becomes trapped again in ice, seasons becomes a thing of the past and only the equatorial regions becomes somewhat open for businiss for the duration!…Given that these cycles has happened troughout history of the earth/sun system, and that the co2 levels has been emensly higher in some of them before humans even existed, and not even the dynosaurs methane levels (70-80% more effective in trapping heat then co2)on top of natural sources could disrupt the cold warm cyclical behaviour of the system, gives me serious pause in how humanity should be able to manage this feat as according to IPCC predictions!..

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