Hansen Says Hot July Over 1% Of The Globe Is Proof Of Global Warming

Where can our gender challenged alarmists flit to now? The east has turned record cold, and the Alaska canary in the coal mine froze to death. They need a new place of refuge from the non warming globe.

July 14th, 2012

Record cold wave breaks 13 low temperature records
Associated Press

JUNEAU — The National Weather Service said clear skies caused temperatures to reach record lows across southeast Alaska.

Low temperature readings at Juneau’s airport broke a 66-year-old record for July 12 on Thursday morning, with the temperature falling to 38 degrees. The prior record, set in 1946, was 40 degrees.

The lowest new low, according to the weather service, was 36 degrees, and was recorded at two other Juneau-area reporting stations, and Hyder.

In all, 13 records were set, although some communities, like Juneau, Haines and Skagway, had multiple reporting stations recording records.

Record cold wave breaks 13 low temperature records: Juneau | Alaska news at adn.com

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6 Responses to Hansen Says Hot July Over 1% Of The Globe Is Proof Of Global Warming

  1. Dave N says:

    Alarmists, altogether now: “this is just weather!!”

    With the “AGW caused” heatwave fresh in everyone’s memory, alarmists will look even stupider than they do now if they begin that chant

  2. johnmcguire says:

    It has gotten to the point it isn’t as much fun to hammer the agw crowd as their strident cries have become so lame. Nothing new in some time now as they are reduced to pathetic howls as they blame everything on global warming in the blind hope something might stick. I agree Dave N , all they have now is the it’s just weather mantra and even the ignorant pay no mind to anything types are catching on to that. They are telling out right lies now and when reduced to that strategy the end is in sight. Did you see David Appells comments the other day as he tried to spin the conversation by saying that the main driver wasn’t co2 , but that the climate was so complex that it was difficult to understand and model. Seems to me I remember when I first started being interested in the climate debate that the skeptics were telling the agw crowd that co2 wasn’t a strong enough forcing to do what the agw crowd claimed and that attempting to use simple models wouldn’t work as the climate was far more complex than what the agw crowd was saying. And the agw crowd answered that the skeptics didn’t know what they were talking about. And now the spin master David Appell is trying to act like the complexity issue and the fact that co2 isn;t able to force the climate idea came from the agw crowd . It is hilarious that he thinks people don’t remember what the agw crowd really said. And when he shows up saying he didn’t say what I just said then send him back to Stevens posts on saturday and sunday August 11 and 12 .

    • IPCC AR4 asserted with 90% confidence that CO2 was driving climate now, i.e., it has contributed to more than 50% of the warmth observed since 1980.

      You wouldn’t have been the first person to notice that Warmists such as Hansen claim a warm summer in some region for a relatively short period of time is ‘simply’ attributable to AGW. But for all the observations that don’t fit, it’s because the AGW is ‘complex’.

  3. Andy DC says:

    CO2 accounts for 2 percent of alll warming. The other 98 percent is caused by expert adjustments and extrapolations from leading climate scientists (sarc).

  4. kirkmyers says:

    The long-term climate driver is the sun, with shorter-term climate changes caused by oceanic oscillations (i.e. PDO, ENSO, AMO and AO) and volcanism. Despite all the pseudo-scientific hoopla, there’s still no concrete link between human-induced CO2 and so-called global warming. In fact, the the planet stopped warming 15 years ago even as CO2 levels continued to increase. That fact alone falsifies the CO2 global warming theory.

    What we should be worried about is the onset of global cooling triggered by the weakest solar cycle in more than 100 years. We may be looking at another Dalton Minimum or, worse, a Maunder Minimum. A long-term cool-down would force the northern hemisphere grain belts further south, decreasing crop yields and triggering widespread famine.

    We need to neuter the EPA and open new oil and shale oil fields as quickly as possible. The anti-fossil fuel EPA has morphed into a bureaucratic monster that now poses a threat to our lives and livelihood.

  5. gofer says:

    10 degrees below normal in Mid-TN.

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