NOAA : Hiding The Massive Decline In Iowa

Days over 100 degrees used to be very common in Fayette, Iowa – but they almost never happen any more. There are no 100 degree readings above 350 ppm CO2.

U.S. Historical Climatology Network

Like in Wisconsin, the measured data shows a steep cooling trend of several degrees since the 1930s

But the published (tampered) data shows a warming trend.

Apparently all the observers in the 1930s were teleconnected to record 100 degree temperatures which didn’t actually happen. The Dust Bowl was just a figment of the public’s imagination. James Hansen and Tom Karl retroactively  know better than an entire nation of people who lived through the 1930s -since they started defrauding us around the year 2000. TOBS absolutely can not explain the 100 degree readings.

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