No Ice At Barrow?

How is it that the satellites are missing all this ice?


The Arctic rowers stuck at Barrow are complaining that the ice-free claims they are being told are incorrect.  There is lots of ice blocking Barrow now, and it is not showing up in anyone’s maps – other than Environment Canada.

The fraudsters at the University of Bremen think the Arctic is almost ice free.

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16 Responses to No Ice At Barrow?

  1. johnmcguire says:

    Send the folks from Bremen up there in a rowboat to check it out . These people that sit in their little offices and tell us what the rest of the world is doing and experiencing crack me up . They are so sure of themselves and consider themselves so much more knowledgeable than the people who are out in the environment that they lose track of what being out in the weather is like. But of course they will tell you that that is just weather. I am certain I don’t want to be up around Barrow trying to row anywhere.

  2. Andy DC says:

    Except for nearly the entire Arctic Basin, we are experiencing an ice-free summer (sarc).

  3. Peter Ellis says:

    Very thin ice (look how dark/transparent it is at visible wavelengths doesn’t show up well in microwave images. Bremen appears to be the least sensitive to thin ice, whereas IJIS and NSIDC are more sensitive – this region is still showing up on their maps. MASIE/IMS is the most sensitive, being based predominantly on visible wavelengths.

    Note however that for historical comparisons you have to compare apples to apples, you can’t just compare MASIE 2012 to Bremen 2007 (say). MASIE goes back to 2008, and currently 2012 is the lowest in their record overall.

    USS Healy is in that region right now, so here’s the latest webcam photo.

    That’s not 3m thick multiyear ice, it’s highly decayed, almost melted-out ice.

    • Eric Webb says:

      The University of Bremen has a clear-cut AGW agenda, they claimed last year that 2011 was the lowest on record, and of course they were flat out wrong. You think they would know by now that the data they have been producing over the last few years is inaccurate, the fact that they don’t address this problem seems very suspect to me.

    • Peter Ellis says:

      NOAA’s Alaska chart shows surprisingly high concentrations – 60+ percent! However, their chart scores almost all the ice near Barrow as “New” or “Young”. At this time of year, the age designation can’t be taken literally – the refreeze hasn’t started – instead it represents the thickness of the ice: < 10cm for "New" and <30 cm for "Young".

      Turning to the Canadian Ice Service, it shows lower concentrations; around 20-40% coverage (some areas as low as 10%) of a mixture of ~1/3 multi-year and ~2/3 first-year ice. Floe size ranges from ~20-500m according to the egg codes, which is consistent with the MODIS images – even at the maximum 250m resolution you don't see many individual floes, but a milky appearance where ice and open water are mixed at the sub-pixel level,

      Taken together, what this says is that there's basically a soup of slush in that area ranging from ~10-30cm thickness with the odd bergy bit in, which is the remnants of the mixed multi-year / first year ice that formed this winter. Possibly a danger to rowboats. and swimmers.

  4. ES says:

    The rowers left Barrow on the 10th and are now past Wainwright, AK

    • Wow. A few miles down the coast.

    • Glacierman says:

      Their web site says: “We are four explorers raising awareness about the Arctic Ocean by undertaking the first, non-stop, unsupported row across the Arctic Ocean. We begin in Inuvik, Canada and land in Providenya, Russia.”

      You say they left from Barrow and have gone about 80 miles along the coast. Barrow is about 700 miles from Inuvik by water. Why the change in plans?

      Also, their website claims a 1300 mile journey across the Arctic Ocean, but their stated route is along the coast of Alaska then across the Chukchi Sea. Do they need a compass? That is not across the Arctic Ocean, and they have started 700 miles closer to their end point.

      Color me impressed with this stunt!

  5. Tony Duncan says:


    One of the things I love about Steve, is that when he is backed into a corner and it becomes clear he really screwed up with his usual arrogant confidence, he just starts posting more on the subject and pretends that he was somehow right. And then his hangers on supply rather lame supportive commentary.
    The arctic ice is almost certainly going to be close to the record minimum of 2007. the last JAXA post shows it lost over 100K KM2 yesterday. This is after nearly a month of Steve insisting that it was slowing down or close to ending the melt season, or something else. Steve doesn’t make predictions anymore because he got so burned the last time.
    So NOW is is implying a vast conspiracy of people fraudulently adjusting satellite data and pictures. And then he ridicules people rowing in the arctic going from Canada to Russia. Waiting for the articles from 1933 about the rowing races in the ice free arctic back then

    • I never read past about the fourth word of your posts because you never have anything constructive to add to the conversation

      • Tony Duncan says:

        of course you COULD actually present something that contradicts my content and supports yours, but then we wouldn’t have all this fun!
        How late do i have on your offer for that $1,000 bet? Surely you will give me until September 15th to make the bet, since the melt is almost over. THAT would show your followers that you aren’t scared of alarmists and their ridiculous notion that the arctic is NOT recovering from 2007. Just think of the backslapping you will get after offering me a STRAIGHT up bet as you repeatedly insisted, and giving me until after last years minimum in order to make it. Every day until then you can taunt me with how the ice has been increasing and am I ready to bet.
        Of course maybe you are secretly concerned that all your posts cannot remake reality, and you will just ignore my offer. After all I am still predicting 4.4, so I am betting against my stated beliefs, where you are betting for truth honesty justice and the american way.

      • Me says:

        So ya gave Tony a bypass here on this one.

  6. Boy, one of the things I love about Doughy Toucan is his clarity & ability to stay on topic while munching down dicyclomine like Bugs Bunny eating carrots. Gosh, it’s almost like there’s some magical force field preventing Harry Pooter from flying in on a broom, scooping up Doughy in his strong (but childlike) arms, and whisking him away to safety where the nasty men won’t make fun of his moist groin.

    • Tony Duncan says:


      funny I thought this post was about the Arctic and ice in it.
      But since Steve refuses to actually reply top any of my content, maybe you are man enough to show me Steve’s predicitions for the arctic melt this year? after all I have ben man enough to admit I was WAY off and the alarmists were right after all.
      Or show me the link to YOU prediction, or make one right now. Do YOU want to make me a $1,000 bet that there will not be a new minimum? Give me til 9/15 and YOU can be the one to puff up your chest and proclaim to the world that YOU outsmarted a variety performer

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