Canary Flies West To Escape The Cold

The canary in the global warming coal mine barely escaped the cold in Alaska, and was recently spotted in Chicago. The environs there have also become too cold, so it is has moved to Arizona.

Twitter / billmckibben: NYT: Phoenix heat so intense …

Nine Straight Days of 110 or More: That’s Hot, Even for Phoenix

PHOENIX — Hot is a relative term for people used to the scorching summer weather in this city built on land better suited for cactus than lawns. But nine straight days of excessive heat seem to have stretched even the most elastic tolerance levels to their limits.

Phoenix in the Grip of Unrelenting Heat –

I was a student at Arizona State University during the 1974 ice age, when Phoenix had eighteen consecutive days over 110 degrees. We had no air conditioning in the frat house and I had soccer practice every day at 3 pm. That was in the days before some men had their cajones removed.

Arizona heat facts

h/t to Tom Nelson

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14 Responses to Canary Flies West To Escape The Cold

  1. Sparks says:

    Ah, the old Jedi mind trick.

    McKibben: “you are felling warm” –
    Victim: “I am felling warm”.
    McKibben: “Because you feel warm it must be global warming” –
    Victim: “It must be global warming”.

  2. Robertvdl says:

    Those good old days.

  3. Sundance says:

    I always suspected that McKibben was the type to wear an apron and bake cookies. 🙂

  4. gator69 says:

    Pretty sad state of affairs when they have to go to Phoenix, in August, to find heat. And hilarious that they think that it is anything out of the ordinary!

    Cry some more for me Weepy Bill!!!

  5. mkelly says:

    But, but it is a dry heat.

  6. sunsettommy says:

    Bill Kibbles is an ass because the AVERAGE high in Peonix is 104 degrees in July and about 101 in August.

  7. Eric Simpson says:

    It’s true that we’ve had going on 2 weeks of pretty hot weather in Pasadena CA, running over 95°F, even up to 100 (but not higher, which did happen often in pre-2008 years {as 105, say}).

    Problems for the fear-mongering prophets of doom is that other than this period of heat it has been a very cool summer, rarely exceeding 90°, for the 5th summer in a row! And now within 4 days it is forecast to be down to 87, below normal, back to cool! If we don’t have another heat wave before ~ Sep 15th, we can chalk this summer up as being again and predictably much cooler that it used to be… before the advent of cool LA summers starting in 2008 A.D..

  8. Jimmy Haigh says:

    Should McKibben even be using an oven? I mean – think of all that global warming caused by turning fossil fuels into energy to make things hot and producing CO2 and killing the planet and all? Seems like hypocrisy to me.

  9. gregole says:

    I am in Phoenix – right now – looking out the window. It is overcast with a slight breeze blowing. It rained last night. It has been unseasonably cool this summer and as I have mentioned on this blog, it has been nice since spring. I was just talking with someone yesterday about all the reporting on the so-called hot summer – we haven’t seen it so far this year in Phoenix.

    Here is a description of getting into your car on a really hot day in Phoenix:

    You open the door of the building you are in and it is so hot it hurts at first to breath. You unlock your car door, but know not to just grab the car door handle as it will burn you if you aren’t careful – so you handle it gingerly. Once the door is open, you let some of the hot air out of the car before you get in as it will be just searing hot.

    Once in the car you open the windows and turn on the AC. Ahhhh … rolling down the road…life is grand…. and then you unwittingly touch your keys hanging in the ignition – they have been heating up from the radiant heat of the sunshine coming in through the windows – Ouch!!

    We have had only a rare few of these kinds of super-bright hot days this summer. It hasn’t been that hot this year for Phoenix. The people who live here know better than that fool McKibben.

  10. jerry says:

    Please, in the future whenever you have any more extream intelligence from weepy bill, could you please block out his face,I can’t stand hearing from him let alone having to see him

  11. Trip says:

    As a Colorado uplander, I recall living in Scottsdale and doing business (in a suit) in downtown Phoenix between July and August of 2003. It was well above 110 some days, but you know what? It was actually pleasant.

    Maybe ole Billy needs to think for a minute about where he chooses to live. That and turn up the temperature in his house.

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