CNN Accuses Romney Of Starting A War Overseas

In 1980, when they saw their bad ship Carter sinking, the press started claiming that Reagan was a warmonger who was going to kill us all. They are back at it in 2012

Will Romney and Ryan take America to war? By Frida Ghitis, Special to CNN

Will Romney and Ryan take America to war? –

The thought of losing their useless corrupt president, who sends tingles up their leg, is just too much for them to bear.


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16 Responses to CNN Accuses Romney Of Starting A War Overseas

  1. Andy DC says:

    This is a no holds barred campaign and we haven’t even had the conventions yet!

  2. The Romney campaign should start a “muck watch”, to see if Obama ever once steps out of it before the election.

  3. gator69 says:

    The author is a lying dirtbag…

    “As I stood silently with a group of passengers watching a small honor guard march to attention, the hearse backing up to the conveyor belt…”

    Frida sweetheart, luggage is unloaded on a conveyor belt. Our best citizens, who gave their all, are lovingly deplaned by their brothers in arms.

    I hate leftists…

  4. John B., M.D. says:

    The content of the CNN editorial is a lot better than the deceptive title intended to slam R-squared.

  5. Eric Webb says:

    Still think that MSNBC is way worse than CNN.

  6. ralphcramdo says:

    Has everyone seen the new Obama ad stating Obama will cut the deficit by 4 trillion dollars if he’s reelected? If anyone believes that they’re as stupid as Obama is a liar.

  7. bubbagyro says:

    Don’t call Obama useless. He is SO much worse than that.

  8. leftinbrooklyn says:

    There will always be wars. There will always be some that the US must involve itself in. The real discussion from that article should be: Which candidate do you think would most likely execute a successful US involvement in a war?

  9. rocknblues81 says:

    Our war mongering ways will continue no matter who is President.

    • leftinbrooklyn says:

      And there was never a war before we were a superpower. Or before we existed at all. Or after we’re no longer a superpower. Get ready for war on steroids after our fall…

      • rocknblues81 says:

        Lots of Democrats try to pretend that Dems were never for war. Which is obviously incorrect.

      • leftinbrooklyn says:

        rocknblues81 says:
        ‘Lots of Democrats try to pretend that Dems were never for war. Which is obviously incorrect.’

        If that was a response to my comment— my comment was sarcasm, up ’til the last sentence…I’m certainly not a Democrat.

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