Pinheads Counting Angels Is Back In Style!

Melting over the Greenland ice sheet shattered the seasonal record on August 8 – a full four weeks before the close of the melting season, reports Marco Tedesco, assistant professor of Earth and atmospheric sciences at The City College of New York.

Greenland melting breaks record four weeks before season’s end

When the sea level data comes out for the summer, is it going to show any correlation to this event? Probably not, because temperatures going slightly above freezing for two hours is a total non-event which happens frequently, and which only a pin-head would care about.

h/t to Marc Morano


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5 Responses to Pinheads Counting Angels Is Back In Style!

  1. jak says:


    Here is a report on the science, which has little to do with your (Inaccurate as so often) quibbles with it:

    • No doubt millions of people drowned at beaches around the planet when the flood of melt water came of the island.

    • miked1947 says:

      Is that why Greenland has more ice now than it did 800 years ago. What does one or two days of local weather have to do with long term trends?

    • Ben says:

      Thanks Jak, for the link.

      “The extreme melting detected at high elevations in mid July (covering ~ 97 % of the Greenland ice sheet, see image on the left) generated liquid water that refroze after a few days, changing the physical properties of the snowpack but very likely NOT contributing to the meltwater that run offs from the ice and can potentially contribute to sea level rise.”

  2. Ben says:

    Here’s a link for you Jak, peer reviewed, Science 4 May 2012: Vol. 336 no. 6081 pp. 576-578 .

    Take-home quote?

    “Observed acceleration indicates that sea level rise from Greenland may fall well below proposed upper bounds.”

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