Trend Towards Permanent Darkness

In June, the sun set about 8:30 pm. Now it sets much earlier.

At this rate, we will have a sunshine-free Colorado by next summer.  Zwally™

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5 Responses to Trend Towards Permanent Darkness

  1. Lance says:

    makes perfect sense.
    However….going out on a limb here…but back in May, the trend was for 24 hour sunshine by next summer!

  2. Lance says:

    OT – but small cold spot off coast of South America…will be interesting to see if this gets bigger and stops El Nino right in its tracks…

  3. The old Seadog. says:

    In June, at the Equator ,the sun sets at C 1800 hrs.Local Time , as it does every day. At the North Pole it does not set. until C 21st September, and at the South pole C 23 March. The time of sunset and sunrise depends on the Latitude of the observer and Sun’s Declination.

  4. tckev says:

    The all new Hansen adjusted time means that sunset will now occur once – straight after 40,000 atomic clocks explode.

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