Understanding The USHCN Adjustments

The algorithms used to create the adjustments are very simple.

  1. Pre-1900 temperatures are adjusted upwards to hide the 1900-1940 warming trend, which can’t be explained by CO2
  2. The 1930s are adjusted downwards to hide the hottest decade in US history
  3. Recent temperatures are adjusted way up, because Hansen’s theory demands that temperatures correlate with rising CO2.

“If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts”
– Albert Einstein

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7 Responses to Understanding The USHCN Adjustments

  1. Andy DC says:

    The facts are adjusted to fit the hypothesis. Not exactly the scientific method.

    • cb says:

      The (old) ‘scientific method’ is nothing: it is a checklist of actions – actions that require reason to execute, which in turn requires integrity to not be corrupt.

      In other words, without Biblical Christianity with its unique absolute demand of truth – and the search thereof – and the correction of errors therein, science cannot exist in practice. Where once this was theory, we can now all see the truth of this all around the planet.

      Hippies are acid to all the works of reason, of which science is but one. Where hippies are, so is the excrement they produce, and the rot they bring about.

      “Free speech” is utterly worthless without the heavy chain of truth. So is “democracy”. There can be no freedom if you are not enslaved to the absolute demands of truth.

      Biblically, truth is a rock the hardness of which breaks bone, the weight of which turns flesh to jelly.
      And nothing in this world hates the very idea of biblical truth as much as the hippies do: hence ‘we each have our own truth’, which is to say that there is no need to search for truth, there is no need to correct error, that truth has minimal value. That truth is ‘easy’.

      Bleh. In a world where now only non-biblical Christianity exists, truth no longer matters, which is why pointing out error no longer has the ability to effect correction. Which is why we still have AGW. Which is why even if AGW should be abandoned tomorrow, the laws and policies it served to excuse will continue.

      Such is the end that Humanism has wrought: where right and wrong no longer exist, and the elites can rape and maim at will: legally, in public. And great woe to whomever dares to oppose them – that is coming.

  2. cb says:

    I.e. they lie in a manner consistent with the practical promotion of their ideology of Utopian-ism, aka socialism.

    The new Lords of Propaganda are The Scientists, aka the Technocrats. And their ‘Science’ has become the basis of the new Rule Of Thought-Crime Law, aka Political Correctness.

    If you think about it, it does make sense. Take, as one example, Keynes: a hard-core pedophile who was such a pervert his fellow castrated-child-sex-slave-rapists said he would have made the people of Sodom and Gomorrah sit up and take notice. He created economic ‘theory’ based on the concepts of socialism, with the purpose of transforming countries into socialism. When he died, he was buried with honors and fanfare. With people such as that being the ‘intelligentsia’, is ANY of what is happening the world today really a surprise?

    It it any wonder that near-naked homosexuals “make-out” in family restaurants in the USA? Is it any wonder that “sex-slave videos” are filmed in public in Europe? The intelligentsia, the most senior and influential of the ‘scientists’, have been and are transforming the world to be in public as they are in private.

    Ad Hominem is not applicable when the corruption is relevant to the argument. It is the ‘logical’ fallacy that is itself a fallacy against reason.

    To emulate the W.S.B.: God damn science. God damn the scientists. God damn them all to the Hell they crawled out from.

  3. anto says:

    Yes, Steve, but what is the rationale. That’s what we’re all waiting to hear.

  4. gator69 says:

    I’m thinking of changing my name to Winston. Maybe that will help me adjust to the new paradigm…

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