Election Season In Full Swing : Obama Attends Church

For the past four years Obama has played golf on Sunday, but election season is here and he has to pretend that he isn’t a fraud.

The Obamas walked from the White House and across Lafayette Park on Sunday morning to attend a service at St. John’s Episcopal Church, where they heard a message about working together despite political division.

Obama hears call for bipartisanship during Sunday sermon – latimes.com


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12 Responses to Election Season In Full Swing : Obama Attends Church

  1. gator69 says:

    Did he take his shoes off at the door? 😉

  2. Sean says:

    I’m not a big fan of Bill Maher but I think he has the president’s religion pegged pretty well.


  3. cdquarles says:

    Nope. Our president isn’t a Christian. Why you ask? Because he doesn’t act like one. Preaching hatred, jealousy, covetousness and telling blatant lies; does not a Christian make. His religion is Socialism. His goal is tyranny.

  4. I remember when the Monica Lewinsky thing happened and Bill Clinton plunged in the polls. I saw the news report the following Sunday of him walking out of church waving a Bible in the air.

  5. u.k.(us) says:

    Things never learned in the bowels of the Chicago political machine :

    Sung by Charlie Daniels.

  6. Questionman says:

    Anyone who calls Obama these disgusting Names are Racists! 100%

    It’s about time I come clean about what I feel. Many Americans do. It’s 2012 and racism is on the rise. The racist right has a chance to get rid of President Barack Obama; they no longer hide their racism anymore. It’s there for all to see.

    They no longer talk about his policies, except the obvious lies about said policies! Funny. Nobody and the left hated President Bush THIS much. Not even the Right hated President Clinton this much and Obama does the same things they have done over their Presidencies. Why is it a big deal all of a sudden?

    The truth…Barack Obama hates America….no I’m laying….

    The REAL truth…The right-wing are Racists that hates having a black man as President. It’s obvious.

    (Obama is a Marxist)

    A Marxist? Jesus. You’re as big an idiot as the culture war freaks.

    Remember, you can’t culture war without ‘cult’.

    What is the factual basis for suggesting that President Obama is a Marxist? I know that the conservative talking heads frequently repeat that mantra, but I have yet to hear anyone substantiate that claim with real information. Ironically, I’ve never mentioned to anyone that I am friends with ACTUAL Marxists, and they KNOW for a fact Obama’s not a Marxist.

    Bottom Line…Anyone who calls Obama a Marxist is a racist. Because Marxist is a substitute of the other word…

    (Obama is a fraud)

    Calling Obama a fraud is like calling Hillary a war monger. Both statements would be unmitigated BS!

    Its true President Obama wasn’t properly vetted….wait, Yes he was!

    But some of the racist right hated what they found, so they resort to create the biggest lies against Obama, which are NOW debunked!

    Have you ever considered that the reason why they can’t find the dirt on Obama is because there isn’t any?

    They lied about his religion, his birth certificate, his relationship with normal people, his sexuality, etc.

    The list goes on and on, but that’s why websites like Politifact, Factcheck, TruthorFiction, etc. exist…

    Anyone who calls Obama a fraud is a racist, and speaking of lying about religions.

    (Obama is a Muslim)

    So Obama being a Muslim is a bad thing? Even though his not a Muslim, there is such a thing called Freedom of religion… he can be whatever the hell he wants to be.

    Obama is not a Muslim. George W Bush also said good things about Islam. I don’t remember anyone accusing Bush of being a Muslim. And I have to ask, why is being called a Muslim even an accusation? Did I miss some law that was passed that bans Muslims from running for office?

    Maybe I’m Muslim because I respect the good people that practice Islam, and allow them their beliefs.

    This isn’t proof of anything except his family history and respect for others.

    He has been more of an oligarch, corporatist, or fascist rather than being anything close to a socialist or communist…Just follow the money…

    (Obama is Evil)

    On what earthly basis do you make such a claim? Name one “evil” thing he’s done. Just one. That’s easy, because they are hate-filled racists! The scumbags here Believes anyone that does not look like him is Evil. Spoken like a racist and a refugee from the fact challenged Fox News.

    (Impeach Obama)

    Anytime you feel like telling us why there should be an impeachment, I’m sure we could all use a good laugh.

    He needs to be impeached because there’s an oath of office? That’s not an offense. It’s an oath.

    Wow. That’s all you know about the law? You don’t understand that oaths aren’t offenses? That’s really sad.

    What, specifically, has Obama done that you believe warrants impeachment?

    It’s obvious why scumbags like you want him jailed Not for treason he never committed – or bribery he never did – or high crimes and misdemeanors he has never done!- not for any real impeachable offense – but only because the President is black! Their only disgusting reason! It’s so obvious!

    (The “damage” Obama has done)

    Yeah, because undoing all the damage Bush did in 8yrs is easily reversed in 4yrs right. When I see idiots like Romney and Gingrich (who’s slept with more women than Gene Simmons) trying to run for office really makes you lose faith in our political system. Obama can’t get things passed because Republican run congress shoots down anything positive to convince you idiots the administration hasn’t done anything, wake up people get a brain.

    This Republican congress, along with the far right base, is the most hateful, disrespectful, lying group of men and women in this country’s history.

    Obama isn’t out to destroy the country, get your head out of your behind!

    They are destroying this country because they hate Obama and are now playing with women’s health. Every woman and man should be deeply disturbed by what this congress has done and are doing.

    The Republican Party is not a cancer in the body of America, a party of racists and religious bigots. The President doesn’t hate this country; I believe the extremist republicans hate this country because Obama is running this country. The President doesn’t cater to one race of people; he’s in this for all races of people. See, this is just an extreme far right post, which is designed to bate racism and hatred towards the President.

    That is it! I am convinced. Beyond a shadow of a doubt. Anyone who hates this Man, in indeed, a Racist.

    Anyone who calls Obama a traitor is a racist! It’s obvious they are racist, hateful, and disgusting human beings. That is a fact!

    Sarah Palin is not fit or intelligent enough to speak on these issues. That you folks take her seriously says a lot about your intelligence.

    One thing she can’t quit apparently is picking the losing side on every issue. She also can’t quit trying to impose her radical, anti-American views on the rest of us.

    The problem with idiot losers like Sarah Palin and her kind is the fact that anyone who does not espouse their skewed ideologies and views is considered to be un-American. Basically, the truth is a trick question when it is posed to Sarah and her kind.

    I’ll come out and say it. Anyone who calls Obama a “Clear and Present Danger to this country” is, without doubt, a fact-challenged racist. THAT is a fact! I noticed I remember past President’s doing stuff like this, but why is it Anti-American when President Obama does it? Racism or Double Standards, It’s one of the two.

    No matter what, the facts will always show that the they have to call President Obama all these things because they can’t say the most, sicken, horrible word in the English Language. The word they really want to call him. Whenever anyone calls Obama a Marxist, a Muslim, a Communist, a Traitor, etc.

    The REAL word that they really mean in their hateful hearts sums it all…..Nigger.

    • gator69 says:

      “Anyone who wants to get a quick sense of who Paul Ryan is should watch a short video of a February 2010 meeting in which Congressman Ryan politely, but devastatingly, “schools” Barack Obama on the utter fraudulence of the statistics that the Obama administration was using to claim that ObamaCare would reduce the deficit. That video is available on the Drudge Report.”

      Is the man who wrote this a racist?

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