USA Today : Hurricane Irene Was The Worst Storm In A Century

There seems to be no limit to the depth or breadth of climate BS.

Last year’s most devastating tropical system — Hurricane Irene — was considered by some experts to be a “100-year-event,” a storm that comes around only once a century.

Irene lashed the East Coast in August, killing at least 45 people and leading to $7.6 billion in damages.

But a study out this week in Nature Climate Change says that due to global warming, these monster storms could make landfall more frequently, causing destructive storm surges every 3 to 20 years instead of once a century.

Global warming could fuel more frequent storm surges


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11 Responses to USA Today : Hurricane Irene Was The Worst Storm In A Century

  1. Joseph Bastardi says:

    This is why these people have to be fought. This is as close to reality as saying the moon is made of cheese.( okay within one standard deviation) They are forecasting WHAT SHOULD HAPPEN BASED ON WHAT HAS HAPPENED BEFORE, AND THEN SAYING ITS SOMETHING ELSE as if what happened before did not happen. You have to suspend any rational thought process to not understand THAT WE ARE OVERDUE TO GET HAMMERED MORE, given the pattern. In fact I can make a better argument for them that why its not happening may be more because of the distortion of pressure and temperature patterns due to the warm cycle in the northern hemisphere, than because of what they are saying. I showed all of this at ICCC7 cause I knew these people would do this ( ACE index hypothesis I have) but also said that the COOLING starting with the PDO, with a warm AMO is why we are in perilous times for hurricane hits.

    Its hard to believe the level on nonsense. On the other hand Steely Dan from Reeling in the Years describes what we are dealing with here

    You been tellin’ me you’re a genius
    Since you were seventeen
    In all the time I’ve known you
    I still don’t know what you mean
    The weekend at the college
    Didn’t turn out like you planned
    The things that pass for knowledge
    I can’t understand

    This could be a new low Irene a 1 in a hundred year storm

    • Eric Webb says:

      Yeah, Joe seems like they have forgotten about Isabel, Floyd, Hazel, Carol, Edna, Connie, Diane, Donna, the Great atlantic cane of ’44, the long Island express of 1938. hurricane three of 1916, hurricane three of 1924, 1933 Chesapeake-Potomac hurricane, 1933 Outer Banks hurricane, hurricane seven of 1934, hurricane thirteen of 1936, Able (1952), Barbara (1953), and many more. These people purposely don’t even look.

  2. Blade says:

    Even Wikipedia is more sensible than the corrupt press …

    South Carolina … Owing to its unusually large windfield, Irene affected long stretches of South Carolina coastlines with gusts and sporadic heavy showers, even though it remained offshore. Gale-force winds picked up through the Lowcountry during the afternoon of August 26, with a gust of 55 mph (89 km/h) measured at a coastal marine observing site on Folly Island.[166]

    North Carolina … Tropical-storm-force winds began to affect the Outer Banks hours before landfall, producing waves of 6–9 ft (1.8–2.7 m).[168] In addition to the gales, Irene spawned several tornadoes early on August 27, while approaching the coast.[169][170] No regular weather station or buoy, however, measured sustained hurricane-force winds from the storm, with the highest winds officially recorded at 67 mph (107 km/h) by a buoy near Cape Lookout.[171]

    In NY, the fact that it rained for almost two months straight from August to October is what really screwed us when Tropical Storm Irene visited. The word ‘drought‘ wasn’t found in our vocabulary since then until maybe this July. But the grass didn’t turn brown like in a real drought. The difference was instead of cutting lawns every week, it became every two weeks.

    The storm that struck eight weeks after Irene, a blizzard on October 29th, was the killer. That damage is still all around us.

  3. Dave N says:

    Apparently Audrey, Betsy, Camille, Andrew and Katrina, just to name a few, have been removed from the last century.

    These alarmists have incredibly short attention spans

  4. kirkmyers says:

    We have to perform an IQ test on these boneheads. “Hurricane Irene” lost most of its strength before it hit the Outer Banks. There were never any hurricane force winds inland. NOAA turned
    a glorified minor tropical storm into another hurricane Andrew.

    There is no longer any sense of ethics or responsibilty in the lamestream media or in NOAA or NASA GISS. They truly are presstitutes and self-serving bounders.

    It’s become lie for a paycheck.

  5. Andy DC says:

    Ever hear of the1938 Hurricane or Carol and Hazel in 1954? Those brought sustained hurricane force winds to major Northeast cities. Or the Connie and Diane floods of 1955 or Agnes floods in 1972? Kind of made Irene look pretty trivial.

  6. TomC says:

    Unfortunately, this is more than an uphill battle in fighting the media and reclaiming sanity.

    The Leftist media and Leftist politicians have used the outlets available to them to define the weather (which they characterize as “the climate”) to the general public. This is how they get away with creating the narrative of Irene being a one-in-a-century storm that they say will be more common, such as they will come as often as once every three years. The historic record proves, no matter which temporal range is examined, a tropical cyclone of at least 50-60kt strength will make landfall on the East Coast at least once in every three years. So from this point forward, now with their convenient facts in place, just about any storm will fit the bill. Combine this with their demonization of those with whom they disagree and you’re looking at fighting an up Everest battle.

    • kirkmyers says:

      The global warming scare proved to be non-existent (15 years of no warming, according to HadCRUT3 before the HadCRUT4 “adjustments,” while CO2 levels rose), so they cleverly invented the new scare story: “climate change.” Perfect! Now they can blame any severe weather event or anomaly on climate change, while counting on the fact that most people won’t realize that the climate has been changing naturally for billions of years. It’s a win-win scenario for the alarmists and their willing accomplices in the pressitute media, who thrive on scare stories.

      Drought? Climate change. Flood? Climate change. Snow? Climate change? Hurricane or tornado outbreak? Climate change. Car overheated? Climate change. Does it get any more ridiculous?

      Far too many scientists have decided they can make more money (and keep their job) by becoming “political scientists.”

  7. John B., M.D. says:

    Anderson Cooper disappointed in the strength of Irene:

    Robert Gibbs came on FNC today and was discussing aid Obama wanted to get to farmers. Besides not mentioning that Paul Ryan and the House already passed a farm bill 2 weeks ago, he also called this the “worst drought in history,” which is a lie even AGW alarmists don’t tell.

  8. Traitor In Chief says:

    CNN coverage of the “Killer” storm

  9. If these pansies had gone through Andrew 20 years ago this week, they would have a different idea about a 100 year storm and even that was not the worst in the last 100 years. The storms in the 20’s were incredibly worse

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