The Beginning – And The End

Over the last four years, Newsweek has gone from this :

to this :

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20 Responses to The Beginning – And The End

  1. Dave N says:

    Here’s a winning prediction: whoever wins the election, the MSM will be seeking their removal at the following election.

  2. Traitor In Chief says:

    And it’s real. There was an article a few days ago saying Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, and GE were all directing the majority of campaign funds to Romney. Now if that don’t beat all.

    The nice thing is Newsweek is next to the check out register. Lots of eyes will see that cover. Several prominent Dems saying Ryan’s got the plan too….

    • They know the real poll numbers.

      Dick Morris said he’s seen those poll numbers too. He said they show Romney is ahead in New Mexico and Minnesota—both Democrat states. Minnesota is the only State Reagan didn’t win in 1984. It’s all over for Barack Obama.

      Dick Morris Predicts a Mitt Romney Landslide

      6 minutes

  3. Leftists disappointed—again. Time is the enemy of leftists. It ruins their politics every time.

  4. Note to Newsweek: few of were Socialists now.

  5. Eric Webb says:

    Still have trouble believing why Newsweek would publish anything that criticizes liberals, much less the president, it is a pleasant surprise. However, they will probably go right back and the join the liberal media in slobbering all over the president, this issue was most likely a hiccup.

  6. daveburton says:

    InTrade still has Romney behind, but trending up:

  7. leftinbrooklyn says:

    Ok, Liberal Media….a good first step.

    But it doesn’t change the fact that you believed, with conviction as strong as a pope’s, that Obama’s election in the first place was such a good first step.

  8. RobertvdL says:

    Obama bad Romney even worse

    • LLAP says:

      @Robert: Tarpley is a staunch leftist and believes that 9-11 was an “inside job”. He is also a regular guest on Alex Jones’ radio show – that should tell you all you need to know.

      P.S. I read his book “9-11 Synthetic Terrror”. Some of the assertions he made were truly bizzare (e.g. There were two pictures of Osama Bin Laden which looked somewhat different. According to Tarpley, Bin Laden was a CIA patsy and the two pictures were different because Bin Laden was being played by a troupe of actors. Yikes!).

      • RobertvdL says:

        Although I do not always agree with him, he knows history. And if just 10 % is true I would not want Romney as president of the US. You would even think they first brought Obama so we would accept Romney.But that of course would be conspiracy thinking.

      • LLAP says:

        After the damage that Obama has done in under 4 years, and with the federal debt approaching $16 trillion, I couldn’t possibly see how Romney could be worse.

        Yes, Tarpley does know his history, but he sounds like he has abandonned all rational thought when he starts blathering on about the CIA, and other assorted conspiracy theories that he believes in. Listening to Tarpley makes me want to quote Gandalf: “When did Saruman the Wise abandon reason for madness?”.

      • RobertvdL says:

        All the laws are in place to make it worse much faster.Now they can legally kill you or let you disappear.And not only foreign citizens.If they can make scientist corrupt creatures to lie about temperatures if they can make the news media willing slaves , they control the White House and Congress whoever the voters choose. So don’t think it cant get worse whoever the new president is.
        But that of course would be conspiracy thinking.

  9. Adam Gallon says:

    Is the job of the POTUS, a bit like that of the President of the galaxy?
    (a role that involves no power whatsoever, and merely requires the incumbent to attract attention so no one wonders who’s really in charge)
    Ref “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”
    You don’t seem to get anyone good for the job, just a few ex-B-Movie actors, Peanut farmers, members of some weird religious sect or other and the odd megalomaniac or two.

  10. tckev says:

    But this still needs fixing whoever wins –

    No one in the world has as big of a salary as US Government, but it still borrows roughly 40% of the money it spends.

    • Dot-com bubble. Housing bubble. Government bubble. Each an order of magnitude bigger than the last. This will end badly.

      • 30% unemployment. Riots that make Greek riots look like a calm Sunday. Entire malls closing. Military cut by 50%. Education cut by 50%. Rolling blackouts. Martial law. Worthless dollar. System of barter. New currency combining Canada, US, and Mexico. Our greatest enemies consider attack of mainland US because US military so small.

        Will that be the bad ending?

  11. Adam Gallon says:

    Nobody will consider invading the US. There’s still a good number of nuclear warheads, sitting ontop of missiles with range enough to reach anywhere else in the world.
    Halving the military wouldn’t be such a bad idea. It’d keep politicians from sticking their noses too far into other countries’ business.

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