Why Would Anyone Object To Letting The Opposition Head Coach Also Be The Referee And Scorekeeper?


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8 Responses to Why Would Anyone Object To Letting The Opposition Head Coach Also Be The Referee And Scorekeeper?

  1. Sundance says:

    Bingo – only in government is corruption and stupidity endemic in the system. No checks and balances to weed out fraud and inefficiency. It is stunnng that such a conflict of interest is accepted by the public.

    I just heard a sound bite this morning of Ray LaHood, another Illinois crony which explains why Illinois is facing bankruptcy, bragging that he spent $48 billion of federal money to create 68,000 new jobs. He thinks he’s a genius while the rest of us wonder what kind of pathetic moron would spend $705,000.00/new job? In the private sector this guy wouldn’t last 15 minutes.

  2. Sean says:

    Two comments. One is that Roy Spencer and John Christy are responsible for a lot of the satellite data and they certainly have a point of view. Mind you I trust Dr.’s Christy and Spencer but not Dr. Hansen but it’s different sides of the same coin.
    The other is all the 68,000 new in transportation. Remember that most of the projects had to be “shovel ready”. That meant that the projects had to have been through multiple layers of review, environmental impact statements and the like. In other words that had to be very far down the pipeline and likely had already been funded or were ready to be funded by bond measures. The stimulous money meant that rather than spend bond money they would have to pay back, they mearly took the Feds money to pay for the project. No jobs were created at all that would not already have been created by loans instead of grants.

    • Sundance says:

      I whole heartedly agree and most of not-stupid people knew that the stimulus would fail for this exact reason but somehow the CIC either lacked business skill or lied hoping that a recovery would occur on its own and he could claim the stimulus was the economic salvation and dumb as rocks voters would buy the BS.

  3. Sundance says:

    Another example of a conflicted source that stands to profit from hyped GW fears is the insurance industry, and yet idiots like Greg Dalton of Climate One, a green advocacy group, pretend they are independent and objective with regard to climate change.

  4. It’s not individual scientists that are the problem. It is the advocates who put them on pedestals (or alters).

  5. Andy DC says:

    Hansen thinks that his ability to manipulate the data gives him the right to control the world.

  6. Odd that anyone would think it’s wrong to even contemplate that James Hansen could be biased. That would be sportsmanship gone wacky, really wacky.

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